Lili Estefan TAKES OFF her clothes in the middle of a live broadcast;  even Raul Molina was scared |  VIDEO

Lili Estefan TAKES OFF her clothes in the middle of a live broadcast; even Raul Molina was scared | VIDEO



Recognized worldwide for her good humor and mischief in the face of television cameras, a couple of days ago, Lili Estefan alarmed the spectators and even his partner, Raul Molina to the take off clothes in full live broadcast, Well, the video has already gone around the web and even she herself has neglected to share the sensual moment with his millions of fans in social networks and that’s how they reacted.

For 25 years, the duet of this famous entertainment program has been characterized as one of the best bands of the famous Spanish-speaking network, because in addition to offering content from the entertainment industry, Their good humor and clever witticisms have made the front pages of the whole world theirs.

However, a couple of days ago, the Thalia’s best friend turned trend in the digital platforms after a video went viral video where it is clearly seen that the blonde born in Cuba comes off his clothes which immediately alerted his faithful companion, who does everything possible to avoid the act that made everyone present in the forum burst into laughter and this was what happened in the fun moment.

Why did Lili Estefan take off her clothes on TV?

It was in the middle of the broadcast in honor of the Oscar awards, when the model was also seen with a stunning dressed in red, which perfectly accentuated his best charms, but in the midst of Molina’s reflection on women’s clothing he made Lili Estefan put the ‘cherry on the cake’ and will star in a striking moment:

“I don’t know why in the Latin market they always like to show their body instead of being dressed elegantly. When you watch the American networks, none of the presenters have to be showing their body. Here everyone has to be showing their body. body. I don’t know why it is so important,” Raúl de Molina commented at a certain point in the show.

And after these words, it was the exact moment in which Lili surprised to everyone, including oneself Raul, when starting to take off in the middle of a live broadcast from the Univision studiothe elegant red suit he was wearing, so the screams from the production and even the astonishment of the ‘Gordo Molina’ They brought laughter from thousands of fans, but to the surprise of many, the presenter brought another dress of the same color and more casual underneath.

“I got scared”; “Lili is unique, only she knows how to star in such moments”; “How fun that pair is,” were some of the comments from the program’s fans, since the video was shared by the Cuban on her Instagram account, which already has more than 10,000 likes from some of her followers.


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