Metal monolith appears on a hill in Wales, what could it be?

Metal monolith appears on a hill in Wales, what could it be?

A metal structure at least three meters high caused excitement and surprise on a hill in Welshafter what appeared from one day to the next and without any explanation.

Residents of the Hay-on-Wye region They reported the sighting to beginning of marchis a steel monolith-like structure and what is found buried in the ground with nothing closer around it.

Local media such as Wales Online They pointed out that at first the population thought it was scientific tests or even a rainwater collecting objectbut upon closer inspection it didn’t appear to be anything like anything they had seen before.

“I realized I was too tall and strange for that,” explained Richard Haynes, one of the residents. “Then I got closer and it was at least three meters tall and triangular, definitely stainless steel. It was hollow and I imagine it was quite light. “Light enough for two people to carry and plant in the ground.”

Richard, who usually takes this route as a runner, explained that he had never seen anything like it in the area and that, just two weeks ago the object was not foundsomething he was able to verify when consulting with some friends in the area.

What could this monolith be about?

Once this sighting occurred in Wales, users on social networks and local media recalled that Objects like this had already appeared before in other parts of the world.

It all started in 2020 when similar structures appeared without reason in the states of California and Utah in the USA. After much expectation was generated and rumors of the possibility that were extraterrestrial objectsThey proved to be two works by a group of artists by name “The Most Famous Artist” based in New Mexico.

Later, in 2021one more appeared, now in Türkiyebut after a few days of mystery it was revealed that It had been the country’s own government that had placed it with the intention of generating expectations for a new space program.

Similar objects could be observed in countries such as Romania and Ukraine. Already in British territory they have been seen in the isle of wright and in the area of Somerset In England.

This latest sighting even appeared with the message “Not Banksy“, so it was interpreted that it could be a multi-artist collaboration with Banksywho is used to carrying out this type of work that coexists with the real environment.

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About the current Welsh still no one has spoken like the creatorbut it is expected that In the coming days, the author will be revealed or disappear in the same way that he appeared. to increase expectations, as has also happened on other occasions.

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