Nikke’s “waifus” surprise fans with their design changes

Nikke’s “waifus” surprise fans with their design changes

If something characterizes The Goddess of Victory: Nikke is the wide variety of pretty girls available in their staff, with designs that are already iconic within the same community, but apparently this was not always the case, since a user of the social network Twitter/X shared a most curious image. And, as you can see in the publication, several of the girls, such as Rapi or Mast, changed their design a lot from what was originally known about them.

This is what several of Nikke’s girls looked like in the past

The &Quot;Waifus&Quot;  From Nikke They Surprise Fans With Their Design ChangesThe &Quot;Waifus&Quot;  From Nikke They Surprise Fans With Their Design Changes

From his Twitter/X account, user @marinNIKKE102 shared a publication that caused a stir in the gacha-style video game community The Goddess of Victory: Nikke, since the image not only has several of the girls in the title as its protagonist, but also lets us see what their styles were like in the past. And the comparison takes into account some of the best-known girls in the title, such as rapi, Neon, Soline and mastsurprising in several cases due to the great difference in styles.

As can be seen in the image, each of the “waifus” of Nikke They present changes of all kinds, from the most subtle to the most obvious, and these transformations also occurred in color palettes, facial features or even personality in some cases. Among the most subtle we have Mast, who, although he maintains much of what he ended up seeing in the finale, his personality seems to be the biggest change, along with some details in his hairstyle or Soline, who largely received a color redesign going from the black, red and pink to light blue and white.

Now the most obvious changes were Rapi and Neon, two of the most recognized girls in Nikke for being very protagonists of the story, and as can be seen in the shared image, unlike the girls mentioned above, they have radical changes in their designs. First of all, we see that Neon in her color palette was dominated by whites and grays, and now the whites remained, but accompanied by light blues, in addition her lenses changed shape and her beret allows more of her hair to be seen. her. Secondly, we have Rapi, who has the greatest facial changes, looking like a completely different girl.

Nikke RapiNikke Rapi

Being the players of Nikke Those who were surprised by this publication, in the various comments left their feelings about the situation, one of the most interesting being those who began to make comparisons between the models, especially Rapi’s, who has a great resemblance to another girl. And several mentioned how the original Rapi is very similar to Emma, ​​with whom she is usually compared, but in this case, with that model, the resemblance is total. On the other hand, the other girls had their own comparisons, such as Mast, who was very similar to VTuber Ironmouse.

Nikke, for those who do not know or are not familiar, is a gacha-style video game in which players will become the “Commander” of a group of survivors who seek to recover the planet from beings known as “Raptures”, who are besieging Although it will not be an easy task, in order to achieve his goal, he will have under his command a group of girls known as “Nikkes” who, in addition to being beautiful “waifus” are prepared to fight in different battle scenarios. The Goddess of Victory: Nikke is available on iOS and Android mobile devices along with PC.



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