Oriana Pablos: My essence is my best baggage

Oriana Pablos: My essence is my best baggage


On November 29 Oriana Pablos will participate in the election of Miss Earth, a contest that will celebrate its 2022 edition in the Philippines.

Pablos had to put out the fire of the resignation of the queen-elect, Elizabeth Gasibawho with the clock against for the preparation of the representative, resigned to the title that he had obtained a few months before.

Oriana, like her successor, had just participated in Miss Venezuela in 2019. In this international journey, in her favor, she has a command of English, a language that, although it is not an essential requirement as in other contests, in Miss Tierra is appreciated when a contestant is able to master it.

—How will you face this challenge that, in principle, was not foreseen for you?

—I am leaving with nerves, but also with faith in God. The preparation was very hard because I didn’t have much time. I took dance classes, catwalk… I have all the tools to represent my country with dignity, as it should always be important for the Venezuelan misses.

—Besides the suitcases and their contents, what is the most important thing you take to bring the third crown of Miss Earth to the country?

—My essence and what characterizes me as a person is the most important thing I carry as luggage. The Venezuelan, no matter the contest, always arrives and attracts attention due to the fame we have. That is why it is important to try to have all the qualities together, which are what make us stand out from the rest. We seek to transmit essence, values, together with beauty.

—The typical costume that was unveiled has received some criticism.

—It’s by Dan Rojas and it’s inspired by the Venezuelan cunaguaro. When they appointed me there was already a notion, but the design was an exchange of ideas. We decided that it was like that, because the contest is inspired by fauna.

“How are you going to answer the question?”

—I have already spoken English since I was young. And it was something that weighed when appointing me. The language is important and more now in international competitions.

—Did you ever feel second-rate for not having been chosen?

—Regardless of the fact that I was chosen in meetings and not in an election, the commitment is to carry the name of your country across your chest and close to your heart. They want women who are able to listen beyond appearances. Not to stay on paper, but to have purpose and a voice.

-What’s yours?

—My purpose and my voice is to encourage Venezuelan children to study. No one can take away your academic training and your studies. Once you have that base you can do anything.


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