Pati Chapoy reveals that Daniel Bisogno is with a group of nurses and a therapist at home – El Diario NY

Pati Chapoy reveals that Daniel Bisogno is with a group of nurses and a therapist at home – El Diario NY

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Through the television program ‘Ventaneando’ they have been providing information about any details that are recorded regarding Daniel Bisogno’s health. For this reason, Pati Chapoy spoke about the details that have been recorded in the last few hours, thus confirming that after so much he is already at his home.

“The good news of the weekend is that Daniel Bisogno He was discharged, he is at home, cared for by a group of nurses, a therapist, Obviously he is with him, the two brothers living in his house for anything he needs,” explained the television host in a new broadcast.

During his stay in the hospital, Bisogno received messages of support from his colleagues and friends, as well as from his followers on social networks, which has given him strength to face this difficult situation. It is expected that in the coming weeks he will be able to gradually resume his work activities, once his health improves considerably.

“We sincerely hope that your stay at your home gives the result we hope for and that you recover very quickly. Obviously, We will be waiting for the return of Daniel Bisogno”taking into consideration that he was in a health center since the beginning of February.

Chapoy worried more than one person when on February 20 he decided to mention what his colleague was going through: “The medical report they gave me is that, indeed, he has been in intensive care for five days, he is intubated.“.

The news of his medical discharge has been received with joy by his fans, who have been monitoring his progress since his hospitalization was announced. Without a doubt, this is a great step in his recovery process, and it is hoped that very soon he will be back on the screen with all the energy and charisma that characterize him.

From ‘El Diario NY’ we send our best energies and wishes for a speedy recovery to Daniel, hoping that he can soon be back doing what he likes most: communicating and entertaining the audience of the channel he works for.

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