PHOTO: Featherweight responds to Nicki Nicole’s alleged hint with a controversial photograph – El Diario NY

PHOTO: Featherweight responds to Nicki Nicole’s alleged hint with a controversial photograph – El Diario NY

After his presentation at Coachella, last Friday, April 12, Featherweight has caused euphoria due to a topic that the singer had left aside after his breakup with Nicki Nicole last February: her romantic life.

And after the presentation of the interpreter of “She Baila Sola” at the Californian festival, various videos began to circulate on social networks where the Mexican is seen walking hand in hand with a woman, who was identified as the new couple. of the one born in Jalisco.

After this appearance, a large number of media revealed that the mysterious woman is the Ecuadorian model. Gabrielle Britezwho would be much older than the singer and who would work for an important modeling company in the United States.

Despite the little information revealed so far, it seems that the majority of followers, and not so followers of Featherweighthave taken the singer’s supposed new relationship as true, something that would have reached the ears of the Argentine singer. Nicki Nicole.

How did Nicki Nicole react to the rumors about the new Featherweight partner?

After the revelation of the alleged new relationship of Featherweightthe Mexican’s ex-partner published a series of images through her official Instagram account where she is seen posing in three different settings and with various changes of clothing.

Featherweight performing at Coachella.

However, what was truly controversial was the inclusion of a different phrase in each publication, which, according to a large number of users, would be dedicated to Featherweight for his new relationship.

I know you are with someone else but thinking of me and you give her the kisses that one day from you. Who are you going to fool? Who are you going to lie to saying you don’t miss me? But I brought out the best in you, and you realized it the day I left.

Nicki Nicole


Despite the obvious message behind the publications of Nicoleanother large group of Internet users revealed that the Argentine publications would be focused on the announcement of a new song by the artist.

How did Featherweight react to Nicki Nicole’s posts?

After the series of publications of Nicki Nicolethe “Lady Gaga” singer uploaded a photograph to his official Instagram account, through his Stories section, where he is seen sunbathing by the pool, surrounded by various women in bikinis around him.

For the vast majority of the singer’s followers, this publication, no matter how little meaning or sense it may have, would be a response to previous posts by Nicole. However, as in the case of the singer, various users mentioned that Peso Pluma’s publication would only be focused on showing part of her daily life.

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