Sexual harassment lawsuit against singer Jason Derulo dismissed on technicalities – El Diario NY

Sexual harassment lawsuit against singer Jason Derulo dismissed on technicalities – El Diario NY


A California judge dismissed the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Emaza Gibson against the singer Jason Derulo for technical reasonsaccording to information obtained by Rolling Stone.

At a court hearing, which took place in downtown Los Angeles, the judge ruled that the plaintiff Emaza Gibsonsigned contracts with Derulo and his label Atlantic Records, in which he agreed to handle any disputes, using New York law and the courts based in Manhattan.

Gibson’s attorney, Ronald Zambrano, before the judge’s ruling, argued that some of his client’s claims, including quid pro quo sexual harassment, “They did not refer to a contract“, so they should not be subject to the terms of the signed agreements.

After the judge announced his decision, Zambrano said that he would immediately refile the lawsuit on the East Coast, that is, New York.

“This case is still in play. The judge did not rule on the merits of the plaintiff’s claims, but simply changed the venue. Ms. Gibson’s allegations against Derulo remain unchanged and we remain committed to holding him accountable for his reprehensible and unlawful conduct. The lawsuit will be filed again in New York and we have every intention of winning,” said Ronald Zambrano in an interview with Rolling Stone.

In court documents, the attorney asserted that the alleged harassment occurred in California and should be governed by state law. Under this argument, he argued to the judge, Kerry Besinger, of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, in full hearing that “the contract cannot have influence on these allegations.”

In defense of the “Wiggle” interpreter is lawyer Camilo Echavarría, who refuted saying that “the claims for damages are related to the agreement.”

Judge Besinger sided with Jason Derulo, ruling that Gibson’s artist and recording agreements, signed in February 2022, included ‘forum selection’ clauses, which established exclusive jurisdiction for any action related to the pact. Recording would be the state or federal court located in New York County.

“The ‘forum selection’ clause is extremely broad. It is not only for claims for breach of contract, is for any action related to the agreement. And the entire existence of this relationship originates in the agreement,” stated Echavarría.

The entire legal situation occurs in October of last year when singer Emaza Gibson filed a lawsuit arguing that Derulo, 34, lured her with a recording contract and then pressured her to party with him, where he allegedly explicitly demanded they have sex.

After refusing to be intimate with the Florida native, their agreement was terminated without explanation on September 6, 2022.

“This is devastating to me. This is something I always wanted to do since I was a child. Jason was one of my favorite artists in the pop scene. “I accepted this incredible offer only to find out that the person I admired would put me through such a traumatic situation,” Gibson told Rolling Stone at the time.

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