VIDEO: Eiza González is called racist when she snubs her co-star on a red carpet – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Eiza González is called racist when she snubs her co-star on a red carpet – El Diario NY

Eiza Gonzalez has once again become the target of criticism and accusations, for the umpteenth time in recent months, for an alleged racist action towards his co-star Babs Olusanmokun.

The Mexican actress was recently captured during her time on the red carpet for the film “The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare”, where he shares credits with actors of the stature of Henry Cavill in addition to working under the command of the legendary English director Guy Ritchie.

At this event, it was possible to see the great camaraderie that exists between the “Baby Driver” performer and the rest of the cast thanks to the diversity of photos and videos where you can see how much fun the cast was having. However, and despite the attitude that she showed with her co-stars, the Mexican did not behave in the same way with her co-star. Babs Olusanmokunwhom he would have tried to avoid at the event due to a racial issue.

Eiza González posing.
Eiza González clarified that she is not currently in a relationship after being seen with model Guy Binns.
Credit: Mezcalo

What did Eiza González do?

Through the diversity of videos circulating on social networks, the fragment where you see Gonzalezdressed in a gold dress of the Jason Wu form, greeting Cavill with a hug.

During the same moment of the Mexican’s greeting to the Englishman, you can notice how he approaches Babs Olusanmokun to his companions in order to greet them. However, and when Olusanmokun is placed almost in front of Eizashe once again addresses the performer of “Man Of Steel” with the supposed intention of avoiding the greeting of Babs.

Given this action, and after saying a few words to Cavill, Eiza He moves quickly and runs his hand through his hair to avoid him again. Olusanmokunwho, faced with the actress’s snub, decides to extend his hand to Cavillwho responds to your greeting with a smile.

After this, Eiza She moves away from both actors to stand still for a moment, something that Olusanmokun note so he decides to continue on his way due to the Mexican woman’s refusal to greet him.

Eiza González posing.

After the revelation of these videos, a large number of users attacked the Mexican, pointing out that her action was a racist act for not wanting to greet Babs OlusanmokunAfrican American actor, and yes to Henry Cavill.

However, various followers and fans of the actress revealed that the attitude of Eiza does not exactly reveal a racist action since both actors could have greeted each other before or even, and due to the visible discomfort of Gonzalezthere could be some conflict between the artists.

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