Price of the dollar TODAY in Mexico: SUNDAY, March 17, 2024

Price of the dollar TODAY in Mexico: SUNDAY, March 17, 2024


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Despite the strong economic crisis that has been experienced in different parts of the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the finances in Mexico arrive in the first half of this month of March with positive numbers and a considerable advance against the US dollar this day of this Sunday March 17, since they maintain their profits and the Mexican peso is now below the 17 units, with strong possibilities of continuing to decline for the remainder of this third month of 2024.

And it seems that investors are still waiting on what will happen to the rates of the Federal Reserve (Fed) and the US economy in general as the price of crude oil continues to change as this 2024and this without mentioning the political campaigns that take place in said north american country, because his economy is somewhat unstable in the middle of the race to meet the new tenant of the White House, but that without a doubt has significantly benefited the Mexican coin and even the most important economic ones of Latin America.

It is important to mention that according to experts, the price of the dollar in Mexico this is found Sunday March 17 in this 16.71 pesos, which without a doubt meant an improvement of 32 cents compared to last month, which marks a truly significant triumph of the Mexican peso over the dollar, which was mainly due to a setback that the us bill in the last hours of the past Friday March 15.

Price of the dollar in Mexico today March 17, 2024

On one side of the currency, we have the way in which the prices in Mexico, Well, according to the latest reports, the dollar price from today Sunday March 17 It is 16.71 Mexican pesos per unitso the aztec currency it appreciated 0.01 cents, equivalent to 0.11%; Below we are going to leave you the values ​​of the Bank branches most important of Mexico for buying and selling:

  • BBVA: (purchase) 15.64 pesos – (sale) 17.18 pesos.
  • Citibanamex: (buy) 16.11 pesos – (sell) 17.11 pesos.
  • Banco Azteca: (purchase) 15.85 pesos – (sale) 17.31 pesos.
  • Santander: (buy) 15.55 pesos – (sell)17.25 pesos.
  • Banorte: (buy) 15.55 pesos – (sell) 16.95 pesos.
  • Scotiabank: (buy) 14.50 pesos – (sell) 17.80 pesos.
  • Inbursa: (purchase) 16.40 pesos – (sale) 18.00 pesos.
  • Banregio: (buy) 16.00 pesos – (sell) 17.30 pesos.
  • Banbajío: 16.10 pesos – (sale) 17.10 pesos.

Price of the dollar in Latin America on March 17, 2024}

Today Sunday March 17 was of contrasts for the coins of Latin America, since, on the one hand, some suffered losses, while others recorded gains: such was the case of the Brazilian real, which appreciated 0.0062 cents (0.012 percent); On the other hand, the Argentine peso continues to depreciate and has now reached the figure of 850.65 pesos per unit; Next, find out about the behavior of the rest of the Latin American coins and its exchange rate today:

  • Brazilian real: 4.99 reais.
  • Colombian peso: 3,882.5 pesos.
  • Chilean peso: 943.35 pesos.
  • Argentine peso: 850.65 pesos.


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