Rosalía becomes the subject of a doctoral thesis in Spain;  the author studied the singer’s career – El Diario NY

Rosalía becomes the subject of a doctoral thesis in Spain; the author studied the singer’s career – El Diario NY

Nobody can deny that Rosalia She has become one of the artists with the greatest presence and significance in the current music scene. This, logically, has made more and more people approach her music and become interested in her career. However, recently, the admiration and fanaticism towards the Spanish singer has taken a leap into the academic field due to the recent doctoral thesis that was presented regarding the singer’s career.

The musicologist and psychologist Daniel Gomez Sanchez presented a doctoral thesis before the Complutense University of Madrid, which analyzes the music of the “Motomami” performer as well as her composition method and her relationship with other authors such as Enrique Morente either Silvia Perez Cruz.

In accordance with Gomez Sanchezthe singer-songwriter is far from being considered a “musical product” due to the vocal and creative musical talent of the Catalan: “Rosalía is a musician with a trade, like jazz musicians, who are musicians in capital letters.”

Why was Rosalía’s career taken as an object of study?

After the presentation of the doctoral thesis of Gomez Sanchezz, which was considered outstanding by the qualifying jury of the Madrid university, the reason why he decided to address the Spanish woman’s career as the basis of his doctoral thesis was the novelty of the Spanish woman’s music as well as the mixture of diverse musical genres such as flamenco and urban.

I heard ‘Malamente’ from afar and I approached. It didn’t sound like anything I’d heard before. “It was a very innovative proposal that remixed flamenco with urban music and I was enthralled.”

Daniel Gomez Sanchez

Rosalía posing.

According to the Spanish musicologist, the fact that the Spanish artist did not have a “musical heritage” as well as how “quickly” she managed to completely align herself with flamenco, were also great incentives to carry out his thesis on the career of Rosalia.

In his exposed work, the psychologist also revealed that Rosalia It is characterized by including the concept of “encapsulated songs” or “meta-songs” in which the artist usually “makes songs within songs.” A good example of the above, according to Gómez Sánchez, is the remix that she made with The Weeknd through the topic “Blinding Lights”, in which the Catalan changed the time signature from 2 to 3 in addition to incorporating a fandango.

Rosalía posing on a red carpet.
Rosalía was romantically linked to actress Hunter Schafer.

To carry out this work, the academic revealed that he had constant contact with the interpreter of “Despechá” as well as other figures of the flamenco genre such as María José Llergo, among others.

So far, the Spanish singer has not reacted to the Spaniard’s thesis or mentioned anything about it.

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