The Pumas are betting on continuity by ratifying their president Luis Raúl González for 4 more years – La Opinion

The Pumas are betting on continuity by ratifying their president Luis Raúl González for 4 more years – La Opinion

The UNAM Pumas decided to bet on continuity in their high command by ratifying this Tuesday the doctor of law Luis Raúl González as president for the next four years in the Ordinary General Assembly of the National University Club, trying with this to give a change of direction in the short term that will allow them to break 13 years of fasting titles in Liga MXafter the last time they were crowned was in the 2011 Clausura tournament.

Lawyer Luis Raúl González already knows how the university entity is managed after last year came in relief of Leopoldo Silvaassuming the position on an interim basis, but internalizing all the details of this position at the head of the feline team.

Among his first decisions was to ratify the team’s sports vice president, the experienced former national coach Miguel Mejía Barón, in his position. with the aim that their vast career allows them to make decisions that support the rebirth of an organization that began to grow in Mexican soccer in the 1980s until it became one of the four so-called great teams of Aztec soccer. .

The ratification of the leader was carried out in the Assembly by unanimous vote, it took place at the Universum, Science Museum, within the University Cultural Circuit, and was the first led by the rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas .

The sports vice president, Dr. Miguel Mejía Barón, was present at this Assembly.; the executive vice president, Miguel Robles Bárcena; and the director of sports strategy, Eduardo Saracho Sánchez, among other personalities from the National University Club.

It should be remembered that Dr. Luis Raúl González served as interim president of the Board of Directors, this after engineer Leopoldo Silva resigned from the position in October 2023 and was the one who began trying to straighten the feline ship that has been hit in the recent years due to the gradual disappearance of one of the best academies in Mexican soccer.

The Pumas organization was crowned for the last time in 2011 under the orders of Guillermo Vázquez Jr. and from that moment on, coaches such as Joaquín del Olmo, Antonio Torres Servín, Mario Carrillo, José Luis Trejo, again Guillermo Vázquez, Francisco Palencia and the Spanish Sergio Egea have paraded.

As well as David Patiño, the Argentine Bruno Marioni, the Spanish Michel, the Argentine Andrés Lillini, Rafael Puente Jr., Raúl Alpizar, the Argentine Antonio Mohamed and currently the Argentine Gustavo Lema, who have tried in vain to achieve maximum achievements with the feline team, but without success.

Imago 1452762
After the ratification as president of Luis Raúl González, efforts will be made to enhance the work of Dr. Mejía Barón in the sports vice-presidency and to provide reinforcements such as Rogelio Funes Mori. Photo: Etzel Espinosa/Imago7.

Among the leader’s objectives is to revive the feline quarry and avoid the excessive hiring of foreign players, in something that is increasingly common in the feline team.

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