Sony released a Stellar Blade demo on PS5, but immediately removed it

Sony released a Stellar Blade demo on PS5, but immediately removed it

Stellar Blade is a hack & slash video game that is about to be released exclusively on PlayStation 5 next April 26th. Developed by Korean studio Shift Up (Known for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE) this action adventure is being highly anticipated by the public, both for its unbridled combat system and for its attractive protagonist, EVE 07. That’s why many were surprised when Sony uploaded an official demo of the game to PlayStation Store…and were disappointed when it was removed less than an hour later.

The legendary Stellar Blade demo that no one can play now…

Eve, the protagonist of Stellar Blade.Eve, the protagonist of Stellar Blade.

Yesterday, several accounts of Twitter specialized reported that the official demo of Stellar Blade had been published on the PS Store in the United States and other regions. This was excellent news for many, since, as much as the new Shift Up game looked pretty good in the trailers, this was an opportunity for people to try it out with their own hands and thus decide if they are going to buy it. or not when it is released in April. However, frustration and disappointment did not take long to arrive when, just 25 minutes later, the demo was removed from the digital store.

This shows that it was surely a mistake on Sony’s part, and that it is most likely that the Stellar Blade demo will be officially released in April, a few weeks before the official release date. If that is the explanation, it is understandable and it would not be so serious if they removed the demo. The problem is not only that they removed it, but that they also 100% inaccessible for those who had already downloaded it. That’s right, if you had downloaded the demo, you can’t even play it again.

Eve Fighting One Of The Bosses From Stellar Blade.Eve Fighting One Of The Bosses From Stellar Blade.

This extreme measure surprised people a lot due to Sony’s history with demos removed from the PS Store. For example when P.T., the demo of the Silent Hill game directed by Hideo Kojima that Konami canceled in 2014, was removed from the PS Store, people who had downloaded it could continue playing it anyway. In fact, to this day there are people who sell their Playstation 4 with the PT demo at huge prices. But this is not the case with Stellar Blade, although we can assume that this occurred due to some breach of contract that was causing legal problems for Sony, and that they will make it available again next month.

The worst part of this story is that the Stellar Blade demo was very well received by those who had tried it, with many people praising its graphics, its combat, its music and even came across the surprise that the game has a Latin Spanish dub. So we hope that Sony will re-release this demo in the near future, so everyone who missed this opportunity can try it out.

Official Stellar Blade PosterOfficial Stellar Blade Poster


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