Texas launches JOBS for people who only speak Spanish with salaries of up to $5,000 a month

Texas launches JOBS for people who only speak Spanish with salaries of up to $5,000 a month


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Texas It is one of the main states where the most Latinos live in the United States and companies increasingly require their services and their ability to speak Spanish natively. In this instance, we have taken on the task of searching for vacancies for you, who are searching for your employment ideal. We share 3 with you jobs in Houston with a salary of up to $5,000 a month, where speaking Spanish is the main requirement they ask for. Know the requirements and how to apply.

Latinos are increasingly making their way into the workplace in the United States and companies launch job offers every day. employment for Spanish speakers because they appreciate your bilingual skills to speak Spanish and English. Among the positions that are available there are for all types of workers, from those who do not have a professional education certificate or experience, to the most experienced and studied, just a matter of being patient and searching properly.

Next, we share 3 job vacancies in different companies, which are located in Houston, Texas. Take into account that the respective companies request personnel who can be in person and on a full-time shift. We detail the requirements and how to apply, which is through the Simply Hired portal, where you can read more information regarding the activities and schedule to be covered.

General Sales Manager – $5,000 per month

Veliz Duno Company is excited for you to join their team as a full-time, in-person General Sales Manager. Yeah do you speak Spanish and English, you have 1 year of experience as a manager and you have skills to guide a process to close sales, then this employment is for you. The company located in Houston, Texasis offering a salary of between $1,000 and $5,000 a month. Do you meet the requirements? To apply online, click here.

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Consulting and marketing – $4,500 per month

This employment is for work at the Veliz Duno Company, located in Houston, Texaswhere they have a full-time vacancy open for the consulting and marketing area. They are looking to hire a person who I spoke spanishwho must also have brand positioning, sales, communication and negotiation skills. The salary they are offering starts from 1,000 and goes up to 4,500 dollars per month. If you are interested and want to apply, click here to know more details.

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Customer service and sales – $57,400 per year

ENTERPRISES INC/ ZURC is hiring Latino workers who have the ability to speak spanishl natively who are interested in filling a position in your customer service and sales team in person and on a full-time basis in Houston, Texas. Among the requirements that candidates must meet are being at least 21 years old, speaking Spanish, having time availability and communication skills. The salary is between $54,700 and a maximum of $57,400 per year. By clicking here You will be directed to the Simply Hired page, where you can submit your CV.

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