The 4 participants of ‘Kilos Mortales’ with the WORST TOXIC couples and boyfriends

The 4 participants of ‘Kilos Mortales’ with the WORST TOXIC couples and boyfriends


The fans of ‘My 600 lb-Life‘ (either ‘Deadly Kilos‘) know that all participants go through a very difficult path towards bariatric surgery. Of course, moral support is key, and in the best cases, it has been seen how united families make the difference for the protagonist to achieve their health goal. However, there have also been terrible coexistence dynamics, in which patients are practically abandoned or sabotaged by their couple. Therefore, today we review the worst spouses on the program:

The 4 participants of ‘Kilos Mortales’ sabotaged by their toxic partners

  • Participant Zsalynn (Husband: Gareth)

Zsalynn’s case was one of the most notable within the first seasons of ‘Deadly Kilos.’ And in terms of couples, all the fans wondered what karma the sweet Zsalynn was paying for being married to a guy like Gareth. This, for his part, transcended the show for stating that he “preferred to stay with a fat wife,” something that was evident when his partner began to lose weight after the surgery.

At any opportunity that arose, Gareth would make passive-aggressive comments to Zsalynn, and in the process, he did not hesitate to verbally attack the daughter they had conceived together. In general, the man did not stop boycotting the progress and joy of the participant; But the good news is that she lost weight, she achieved better health, and she separated herself from one of the most toxic ‘characters’ she has ever had.My 600 lb-Life‘. Today, Zsalynn lives happily with his daughter.

  • Participant Lupe (Partner: Gilbert)

Lupe Samano had the hardest journey of the show’s 4th season. And through his episode of ‘Deadly Kilos,’ the public noticed how her caretaker and boyfriend, Gilbert, exercised very strange practices towards her. On the one hand, he seemed pleased that Lupe was completely dependent on him, but on the other, he seemed extremely impatient to get the whole procedure over with. If that wasn’t enough, he revealed that he was unfaithful to her, that he pressured her to have sex even with recent skin surgery, and that he abandoned her when she had to undergo emergency surgery.

Today, Lupe continues her weight loss journey. Since her appearance on the show and her final breakup with Gilbert, it emerged that both have had new partners. But the most surprising part of the case goes to him: he is currently dating ANOTHER participant from ‘Deadly Kilos:’ Karina García. Fans wonder if Garcia saw how Gilbert treated Lupe, and in general, they hope that the terrible story will not be repeated.

  • Participant Maja (Boyfriend: Christian)

Although Maja was not exactly the public’s favorite when she came out in ‘My 600 lb-Life,’ social media users are still commenting on the sudden abandonment he suffered from his ex couple Christian. And with the constant arguments they had, Maja gained and lost weight every week, which in turn irritated Christian. In the end, although the contestant was criticized for displaying a ‘childish attitude,’ the public was stunned when her boyfriend decided to return to her parents’ house in Portland. Christian was not even present at Maja’s surgery, who did manage to lose weight and start a new relationship after the embarrassing episode.

  • Contestant Lacey (Fiance: Ricky)

Lacey’s case outraged an entire nation. It is understandable that some family members and friends become frustrated when participants do not follow the instructions of the Doctor Younan Nowzaradanbut what Lacey had to go through for her alleged ‘indiscipline,’ was atrocious. After a discussion with his couple Ricky and his sister-in-law Shannon, the participant was abandoned in the middle of the road by both of them. If this were not enough, the brothers kept Lacey’s things and donated them to charity without her consent.

After that terrible experience, Lacey was supported by a friend; and although she was not able to achieve her goal toward baratric surgery, she did manage to lose 22 pounds through her own efforts. Thanks to social media, it is known that Lacey is still in the fight to obtain the intervention that will change her life, and in general, she remains optimistic despite being away from ‘Deadly Kilos‘. For their part, Ricky and Shannon are practically missing from the public eye, which is understandable after the massive “cancellation” they experienced on their network accounts.

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