The group Il Divo will continue with its tour, and has a new member

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The members of the vocal group Il DivoDavid miller, Sebastien Izambard Y Urs BuhlerThey will resume this year the concert tour that had to be suspended due to the convalescence of the late Carlos Marín, whose death by Covid in late 2021 shocked the entire music industry. The tour It has been renamed and will now make direct reference to the great successes that the formation has not stopped accumulating since it began its career in 2003.

Of course, “Greatest Hits Tour” has also been conceived to pay tribute to the late Spanish artist, as can be seen from the promotional poster shared by all the members of the band, as well as the singer who will join them in a special way during the next concerts to replace Marín: the American baritone Steven LaBrie.

“The tour, formerly known as the ‘For Once in My Life Tour’, will continue under the name ‘Greatest Hits Tour’ and will include a headline appearance by LaBrie. The tour will be packed with hits from Il Divo’s vast musical catalog and it will feature an incredible stage production. All the tickets of the previously scheduled shows will be respected in the concerts of 2022 ″, says the message shared by the official account of Il Divo in Instagram, as well as those of all its members.

Steven LaBrie was born in Dallas (Texas) and has Mexican descent. As is clear from his Instagram profile, the handsome artist is passionate about outdoor sports and goes to the gym regularly. Two of her dearest ones are her boyfriend, Adam Nielsen -who works at the Metropolitan Opera in New York- and his inseparable pet: a beautiful cat capable of stealing a good part of the limelight among his followers.

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