“The psychologist saved my life”: Richarlison cried when confessing personal problems after Qatar 2022 – La Opinion

“The psychologist saved my life”: Richarlison cried when confessing personal problems after Qatar 2022 – La Opinion

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The issue of mental health is one that seems to be increasingly common in the world of sports and especially in football. And in recent times there are more and more players who decide to talk about it without hindrance and so that the rest who go through the same thing become aware and have the courage to talk about it, just as happened recently with the Brazilian striker Richarlison, forward of the green and yellow national team and Totteham Hotspur.

After what was the elimination of the Brazilian national team in the quarterfinals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Except for the Croatian team, the player went through difficult times in his personal life and his mental health was quite compromised. The forward recounted for the first time in person the entire ordeal that he had to go through to the level that severely questioned opting for definitive retirement from his career as a professional player to achieve peace and tranquility.

Richarlison opened up about his mental health

“Before going to train like that I preferred to go back home. I wanted to go back to my room because I didn’t understand what was going on in my head. I told my father I wanted to give up. That he really wanted to give up. What I went through after the World Cup where I was discovering things about people who lived with me for more than 7 years, was crazy,” she explained with tears on his face in the middle of a chat with ESPN UK.

In addition to this, the Brazilian player detailed the hell he experienced in his daily life playing soccer. “Going to my father, the person who pushed me to pursue my dream, and telling him that I wanted to give up. I suffered many attacks after the World Cup and to that was added a personal problem at home. It affected me a lot. “It seemed like I was mentally strong, but in reality everything collapsed.”

Richarlison thanks professional help for his improvement and sent a message to everyone who can listen. about his experience with mental health problems: “A session with my psychologist saved my life. I only thought about negative things, I only searched for negative things on Google, my head only wanted to see things related to death. Today I can say that look for a psychologist if you need one because it is good to open up and talk to people,” Richarlison recommended to anyone who does not feel good about his mental health.

“As a player you have a voice that is heard and I ask people to seek help. We know the prejudices people have when you say you need psychological help, but thank God I don’t feel prejudiced about that anymore. I talk about it because it has saved my life. I was in the deepest. Only footballers know the pressure we have to endure, not only on the field, but also off it,” he also said days ago from Brazil’s training camp in London for what was the most recent FIFA double date.

In the most recent FIFA double date the forward He did not see action in any of the friendlies played by the Brazilian team.

His wife has been a vital piece for the forward’s improvement

“I am a one-woman man and I only want to be happy with my beloved,” he sang the lyrics of the song. that he selected to make the relationship official. The 20-year-old was her support when she had to undergo surgery for a groin injury last November and she accompanied him in his recovery until she became an important piece in the team directed by Ange Postecoglou.

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