The strong crossover between David Faitelson and Rafa Puente Jr – La Opinion

The strong crossover between David Faitelson and Rafa Puente Jr – La Opinion

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David Faitelson is a controversial analyst who constantly issues statements that They are criticized through social networks. In a debate with Rafa Puente Jr, Faitelson called the Mexican strategist a failure. The controversial journalist had to publicly apologize.

In a debate for Línea de 4, Rafa Puente Jr. questioned David Faitelson’s analysis of the Concacaf Champions League. The Mexican strategist considers that many of Faitelson’s statements are unconvincing. The coach suggested that the analyst only seeks to generate discord.

You can’t tell me that I only do shows because I am a journalist and you have to give me respect in that sense. You are disrespecting me because you are saying that what I do is sterile, who says that? a fucking failed coach… you are no good as a coach“was Faitelson’s response.

Rafa Puente Jr. returned the “blow” in full broadcast, but the Aztec coach maintained his composure and put together a calm response. The former UNAM Pumas strategist believes that, failed or not, He has always been loyal to his ideas and principles.

A fucking failed coach who has the pants to tell you to your face what many people think and don’t tell you. I do not serve as a coach, but there is a word that in your life you have been in charge of carrying out and that I have carried out all my life, failed or not failed: congruence“Puente Jr. said.

David Faitelson’s Apologies

In the debate, David Faitelson lost his mind a little when insulting the professional development of Rafa Puente Jr. In view of the harshness of his words, The TUDN analyst decided to use his social networks to ask for a public apology for his attitude in the debate.

“I am very sorry for what happened last night on the @Lineade4TUD program. I reacted inappropriately. Personal disqualifications have no place in a newsworthy program. I want to offer a sincere apology to @rafaelpuente“, to my colleagues at @TUDNMEX and above all to our viewers…”, wrote Faitelson.

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