This is how his girlfriend has helped Brad Pitt cope with the divorce from Angelina Jolie – El Diario NY

This is how his girlfriend has helped Brad Pitt cope with the divorce from Angelina Jolie – El Diario NY


The actor Brad Pitt He revealed that he was grateful to have his girlfriend by his side. Inés de Ramónwho advised and supported him throughout his divorce process with Angelina Jolieas explained by a source close to the Daily Mail.

“He feels that he has found the right one in Inés, since she is free of drama, stress and respects him to help him make important decisions.

Brad is happy that there is no no drama with her. “He doesn’t have to think about anything negative when they are together,” the insider shared.

The source also explained to the aforementioned media that the actor seems to feel calm when being with his current partner, arguing that he feels more peace than with his ex.

“They are in their own world and enjoy each other’s company. “It’s not that Brad has many tensions in his life, although everyone knows that currently one of the most important tensions is Angelina Jolie,” he stated.

Wedding plans between Inés and Brad?

However, it was also revealed that the actor has no plans to get married yet, as he believes that if this relationship does not work out, he will not have any romance again.

“He trusts her and discovers that it is best for him and that there is no hidden agenda. He sees this as her last relationship. If that leads to marriage, it won’t be anytime soon, since they haven’t been talking about it.

They are happy and want to see where coexistence takes them. Brad is happy and in love with his girlfriend, Inés, but any sign of engagement, marriage or elopement It’s not in the near future.. “Brad has no problem getting married again, but it’s just not something that’s on either of their minds,” the source clarified.

Brad Pitt and Inés de Ramón have been seen numerous times enjoying their romance and spending quality time since their relationship became public when they were photographed for the first time in 2022.

The actor had a love relationship with actress Angelina Jolie, with whom he broke up in 2016, after 12 years of knowing each other.

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