Ultras from Lazio made fascist and Nazi gestures in Germany;  there was total repudiation – La Opinion

Ultras from Lazio made fascist and Nazi gestures in Germany; there was total repudiation – La Opinion


In what was prior to the revenge match of the round of 16 of the Champions League between Lazio of Italy and Bayern Munich of Germany, was totally stained after the events where the protagonists were the fans of the Italian entity in a beer hall in the city of Germany, where Adolf Hitler approved the program of the Nazi party in the year 1920.

The ultras, as these types of extremist fanatics are known, were under investigation by the German authorities. for having been seen in the bar called Hofbräuhaus in Munich, performing the fascist salute and also performing a song that made reference to Benito Mussolini. The event was recorded and spread on social networks and immediately went viral in its entirety, and was completely condemned.

Sources close to the local police let it be known that there was an operation at the brewery in questionbut they did not provide more details about it: “On Monday, March 4, there were already Lazio fans in Munich, in various places in the city and also in the Hofbräuhaus.”

“As of 6:00 p.m. (local time), the Munich police were in front of and inside the brewery. “That’s normal before a soccer game or a big event,” indicated the authorities of the gastronomic establishment. And they added: “If there was behavior contrary to the constitution or xenophobic, we firmly condemn it.”

Shocking images

In the videos that went viral through social networks, many fans can be seen wearing allegorical Lazio colors.as well as the team’s jersey, in the brewery and performing the Nazi and fascist salute with the right arm extended and raised, as well as singing the following song:

“We don’t care about prison, the Black Shirts will triumph. If they do not succeed, there will be chaos with batons and grenades. Duce! Duce! Duce!” The Black Shirts refer to the militia of Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime.

Arrests for what happened

According to what the Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport has reported, an 18-year-old ultra Lazio fan “He was temporarily detained for having performed the so-called Hitler salute” while he was in a restaurant.

However, the young man would be released after paying security insurance. This diary was blunt: “Roman greetings and songs for the Duce: the shame of Lazio fans in the beer hall beloved by Hitler”. The AP News Agency reported that the detained person in question “received a four-figure fine,” according to Munich police spokesman Michael Marienwald.

The councilor for tourism and sports of Rome, Alessandro Onoratowas disappointed by what happened and these were his words about it:

“The images of the Lazio fans who, in Munich to watch the Champions League match, praise the Duce and greet the Romans they are a shame. They are mud for the team, for all the fans and for the city of Rome. Therefore, without ifs or buts, I firmly condemn and express contempt for what is seen in the video that unfortunately is going around the world at this time.”

That does not represent us, but it is also indicative of an alarm signal, one more, that must force all politicians to assume responsibilities. regarding the attitude of unequivocal condemnation that is due to the darkest and most dramatic period in the history of our country. Any attempt at minimization or ambiguity feeds the belief of some that positions other than anti-fascism are possible in Italy. It is not like this. Anti-fascism is the essential condition for being Italian. “Those who do not recognize themselves must be placed on the sidelines.”

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