Why can I be denied a Canada VISA?  5 reasons

Why can I be denied a Canada VISA? 5 reasons

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Recently the government of Canada established as an immigration requirement that Mexican citizens had to present a special visa to enter their country. It was in 2016 when the requirement for visa had been annulled for Mexican citizens, due to a bilateral treaty in which the governments of both countries had decided to participate, however, according to the Canadian government, the excess of asylum and work procedures required by Mexicans and at the same time abandoned by the applicants gave rise to this measure.

Like the governments of other countries, Canada has strict rules regarding the requirements and documents that must be presented by the person interested in entering its territory, there are some rules and guidelines requested by the government of the country that, if not met, could cause a refusal when applying for some type of visa or permission to enter the country.

According to the current immigration measure, Mexicans who have an eTA will be able to enter Canada if they had a Canadian visa in the last 10 years and traveled by plane, if they have a American visa as a nonimmigrant and travel by plane, Mexicans who have a work or study permit still valid may continue traveling to Canada on a regular basis.

These are the reasons why your Canadian visa may be denied

According to the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada, the government, through its immigration personnel, can deny the processing of canadian visaeTA or even entering the country for various reasons, today we share 5 of them so that you avoid committing any in case you decide to travel to Canada in the near future. Some are directly attributed to the applicant and others may have reasons related to their environment.

Presenting a serious or contagious illness that could be a source of alarm for the population is one of the reasons why entry to the country may be denied. Likewise, if the applicant’s illness causes excessive demand for social or health services, it may result in a refusal to apply for the application. Canadian visa.

Having participated in acts of terrorism, espionage, violence, crimes against humanity or participating in acts of violation of human rights is effective cause for the immigration authorities of Canada deny permission to enter their territory.

If you do not have the financial capacity to pay for the trip and your stay within Canadian territory, it is likely that the procedure will not be admitted, because the government does not want foreign citizens to become an economic burden for the country.

Having a criminal record is a reason for denial of the canadian visaEven if it is an offense such as driving under the influence of alcohol, the Canadian government will reserve the right of admission to its country if it does not consider that the applicant is suitable to enter its territory.

Like the US government, providing false information to the Canadian government is a big reason for the processing of canadian visa is denied, the authorities will be in charge of investigating the profile and information of the applicants who wish to enter the country.

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