Valentina Sánchez apologized for this reason

Valentina Sánchez apologized for this reason

The beauty queen and television presenter Valentina Sánchez used her Twitter account to apologize for the comments she launched against a Colombian miss, during the special broadcast that Globovisión made for the celebration of Miss Earth 2022.

During the program, Sánchez assured that the representative of Venezuela, Oriana Pablos, was a little indisposed in the contest that took place in the Philippines due to an alleged rivalry that arose with the representative of Colombia, Andrea Aguilera, while the contest was taking place.

However, the Creole preferred to mend her mistake and admit that she was wrong, while apologizing to her followers.

“I have always said that words have weight, especially when they are done from platforms with as much reach as social networks or national television,” Valentina Sánchez wrote on the blue bird account to apologize for her comment.

«As a beauty queen and public figure, I have experienced firsthand the consequences that a comment made through the mass media can generate on a personal and media level. That is why after several days of reflection on the comments issued. I need to apologize to those who felt offended by them,” she concluded.


For her part, Oriana Pablos also went to social networks to deny the rumors generated by Miss Supranational Venezuela. “I want to clarify that I never had any problem with Andrea Aguilera,” she said.

«We did not share more, because we were in different groups and we did not have activities in common. However, the three days of rehearsal that we did share was based on the respect and affection of two brother countries. Lots of light for everyone », he concluded.

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