VIDEO: Agency fires foreign model for complaining about organ grinders

VIDEO: Agency fires foreign model for complaining about organ grinders

A model foreigner was knocked down in networks social by the Internet users Mexicans, after will criticize the presence of organ grinders in Mexico City (CDMX); his agency the fired behind this.

The agency of models with which the model worked, Queta Rojas Group, announced that the model Breanna Claye, an American model, was fired after she complained about the organ grinders because they make “annoying noises.”

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Breanna’s comments unleashed a wave of comments against her from Internet users, who made it known that this attacked Mexican culture and caused even more offense that the criticism was from a “foreigner.”

In its Instagram post, Queta Rojas Group expressed that they value and respect cultural diversities and regretted the statements of their former talent.

Making it clear that they do not share Claye’s opinion, they regretted the misunderstanding this may have caused and decided not to continue relying on her work.

“We are aware that when representing international talent, we must promote respect and tolerance for cultural differences that may arise. We appreciate your understanding and continued support,” the agency mentioned.

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It is worth mentioning that the model specifically asked that the organ grinders not be given money because “they pollute with their noise” and assured that they do not even “sound good.”

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