VIDEO: Jennifer López and Ben Affleck are captured in a movie theater cleaning their seats and picking up their food – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Jennifer López and Ben Affleck are captured in a movie theater cleaning their seats and picking up their food – El Diario NY

The fame, prestige and career of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck It did not prevent them from living the cinema experience in a complete and authentic way. And although the pair of stars could very well have a private movie room in their mansion in Beverly Hills, both were recently captured attending a room with the rest of the common population.

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However, as surprising as it may be to find himself face to face with these prominent Hollywood luminaries, it was the attitude of JLo and Affleck which really caught people’s attention.

Jennifer Lopez posing on a red carpet.
Jennifer Lopez recently released her album “This Is Me… Now.”
Credit: Mezcalo

What did Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez do when they left the cinema?

In the video in question, which went viral in the last few hours, you can see Jennifer and ben leaving the room after the screening of the credits of the film starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya.

But before leaving the room, you can notice how both stars clean their seats carefully, to the point that Affleck he seems to bend down to the floor to pick up the smallest scrap of popcorn in the room.

After this, you can see how the couple take with their hands a variety of foods such as popcorn, soft drinks as well as other typical cinema elements. It should be noted that, despite how short the video is, the containers of popcorn and soft drinks seem almost full, something logical and expected if we take into consideration the rigorous diet of the singer of Latin origin and the film director.

Jennifer López and Ben Affleck “humanize” each other

Prior to the couple’s recent “public” appearance, both Affleck as Lopez They have become the protagonists of a large number of news and headlines due to the recent release of the singer’s documentary called “The Greatest Love Story Never Told.”

Jennifer Lopez posing on a red carpet.

In this material, both stars have revealed important moments of their “long” love story, such as their highly-publicized separation more than 10 years ago. In the video, Affleck can be seen asking Lopez if she had forgiven him for ending their relationship just days after their marriage.

Given this, and with visible tears in her eyes, the “On The Floor” singer reveals that despite how painful their breakup was, this fact “put them on a path” to discover themselves: “I think I was very angry with you.” for a long time, but that broken heart put us both on a path to discover ourselves and be better people.”

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