What are the best paying JOBS for Latinos in the United States in 2024?

What are the best paying JOBS for Latinos in the United States in 2024?

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Many Latinos travel to the United States in order to find better opportunities labor and have a better salary and quality of life, which is why many migrate in order to be able to obtain and achieve all this. One of the states where the Latin community reaches the most is Texas and it is here where you can find some of the best jobs and not only that, but also one of the highest paid, at least in 2024.

That is why today we will tell you what some of these are. jobs that you can do and with which you will earn a good money Although you should consider that these jobs do require that you have some preparation or academic or even technical level so that you can apply.

If there is something to highlight about these jobs in Texas, it is that it is not necessary that you have university degrees, since there is an opportunity for all people with lower academic levels but who offer a good salary to have a great quality of life and then we must which ones it is about.


Good paying jobs in Texas

Shorthand and subtitles in trials

For the position as a court reporter, you will be in charge of transcribing in real time the legal procedures that take place in the middle of a trial with a typewriter. Subtitlers are those who support those people who have a hearing disability and tell them what is happening.

These two jobs require maintaining communication either by signs or in writing to help those who are in the trial, so if you are interested in this position you should know that the salary What you could earn is at least $100,060 a year.

Police and detective supervisor

Another vacancy that is perfect for the Latino community is working in the security area, where one of the tasks will be to coordinate investigation and order groups and they will be involved in criminal investigation issues as well as other activities for which they could earn $98,260 by year.


Because Texas has maritime areas, there are many jobs to work on vessels such as being a captain or officer, so it will be very helpful to have maritime knowledge to be able to carry out navigation safety and assistance activities. You could earn a salary of up to $106,230 annually.


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