What unites Margot Robbie with Silvia Navarro?  They compare the slights to their performances

What unites Margot Robbie with Silvia Navarro? They compare the slights to their performances

What do actresses have in common? Margot Robbie and Silvia Navarro? Despite the distances between the Australian and the Mexican, the names of both became trend on social mediadue to a comparison that was made between the stars by userswho did not forgive that they have done less in prominent awardsand in this note we explain the details well.

And it is that, 33 year old Robbiebecame the sensation of 2023 when starring in the movie Barbiewhich appeared again on the internet, after the results were announced this Tuesday. nominations for the 2024 Oscar Awards.

In this sense, it was like the name of the performer of the most famous doll in the world, it was ignored by the Academy in the category of Best actresssomething that bothered a large part of his followers, especially because yes be taken into account at the Golden Globes.

And although at first glance both actresses don’t have much to do with each otherin networks they consider that Margot Robbie has something in common with Silvia Navarro45 years old.

This is the reason why Margot Robbie is linked to Silvia Navarro

Everything originated with the Oscar nominations that were announced this morning January 23same ones in which, despite the fact that Barbie was one of the highest-grossing films of 2023 and accumulated nominations and some awards, Margot Robbie was not considered as a nominee Best actressthis despite the fact that Ryan Gosling is in the shortlist Best Actor.

It was like this, the helplessness of not seeing the famous woman compete for one of the golden statuettesdespite showing an empowered and far from banal character in the film, reminded many of Silvia Navarrowho It was not chosen for an awards ceremony either.but years ago.

Given this, some remembered when in 2015, The Mexican was part of the soap opera “My heart is yours“, same as obtained 11 nominations for a renowned edition of awards given by a magazine with national circulation.

At that time, what caught the attention of many was that while the melodrama swept the nominationsnone was focused on the category of Best Leading Actress.

What started the trend was a tweet that circulated on X’s account, from the user Edgar Apancowho He compared both actresses.

Margot Robbie must feel the same as you felt Silvia Navarro with My heart is yours. The soap opera received 11 nominations for the TvyNovelas Awardsincluding Jorge Salinas, Mayrín Villanueva, René Casados, Paulina Goto and Juan Pablo Gil… but not Silvia Navarro,” he wrote.

Apparently, the comparison that the user made between Margot Robbie with Silvia Navarro It was something that most Internet users agreed with and expressed it through various comments, although there were some who mentioned that it had nothing to do with both award ceremonies.

Margot Robbie and Silvia Navarro being the same person, but in different universes. Beautiful, talented, the best actresses of their generation, but incredibly undervalued”, “That in this world of soap operas (and movies) there are injustices, there are”, “I can’t get over the fact that Silvia Navarro has not won the TVyNovelas for Caer en Tentación”, “Sorry but the tremendous acting work of Margot Robbie in Barbie is not comparable with that of a novel by Silvia N… there is a world of difference”, “Definitely Unfair. “If Silvia Had Been Nominated, She Would Have Been the Winner and Not Adriana Louvier” and “Margot’s Role was Beautiful” were some of the responses.

Published in The Sun of Puebla

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