With a judge’s ruling and a family refusal, Televisa will broadcast a bioseries by Vicente Fernández

The company TelevisaUnivision informed through a statement that tomorrow it will premiere the series on the life of Vicente Fernández, arguing that it has not received a judicial notice that prohibits it from airing tomorrow on the Las Estrellas channel at 8:30 p.m. last king. The son of the people”.

In five points, the company responds to the information that the Del Toro Carazo law firm released on Saturday through the official social networks of the Mexican singer, in which it is stated that the Mexican Institute for the Protection of Intellectual Property and Judicial authorities prohibited the transmission of the series due to the use, without consent, of the registered trademark and the image of Vicente Fernández.

Dated in New York, Miami and Mexico City, the corporate statement indicates that TelevisaUnivision and Editorial Planeta have been working for months on the Vicente Fernández bioseries, based on the book “The Last King” by Argentine journalist Olga Wornat and just a On the day of the premiere, the statement of legal spite arises.

They also explain that Vicente Fernández “was always close to Televisa and we will always keep our greatest appreciation and admiration for him. With him there were always talks aimed at making a bioseries. So much so, that in preparation for this one we have the rights to more than twenty of his most important songs”.

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