Zendaya doesn’t want her Disney fans to see ‘Euphoria’ on HBO

Zendaya is one of the protagonists of 'Euphoria'.

Zendaya is one of the protagonists of ‘Euphoria’.

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If the ‘Spider-man’ franchise allowed him to make the leap to the big screen to officially become a movie star, the work of Zendaya in the series ‘Euphoria’ he was undoubtedly the one who managed to get rid of the youth idol label to claim his talent as an actress.

The story may focus on a 17-year-old teenager, but those who expected Zendaya to repeat a character similar to those she played at the time at the Disney factory were truly disappointed. The plot includes images of violence, sex and drug use that make it unsuitable for minors and now its protagonist has wanted to remind everyone of this in view of the premiere of the new episodes.

I know I’ve said it before, but I want to repeat to everyone that ‘Euphoria’ is for an adult audience. This season, perhaps even more than the last, is very emotional and deals with issues that can be disturbing or difficult to see.“She has assured on Instagram to recommend to anyone who feels affected by some of the things that her co-stars and she do on camera to seek professional help.

“Please watch the show only if you feel comfortable doing it. Take good care of yourselves and I want you to know that, in any case, you still deserve love and I continue to feel your support ”.

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