12-year-old boy arrested for shooting threat at Massachusetts high school – La Opinion

12-year-old boy arrested for shooting threat at Massachusetts high school – La Opinion

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A 12-year-old boy was arrested Sunday in connection with a threatened mass shooting at a high school in Massachusetts. which would happen tomorrow, Monday, the police reported.

The Norwood Police Department arrested the student, as a result of an investigation that began last Friday when they received an alert about a possible shooting aimed at a high school in the city, located southwest of Boston.

Last Friday, authorities received a screenshot of a text message shared with a group of students. that warned of a shooting at Coakley School.

The screenshot did not have the complete message and after investigation the detectives discovered that the alleged shooting would occur tomorrow, Monday.

The message was shared from an unknown number with a group of school students, who were questioned.

Detectives were able to identify the 12-year-old boy as the suspect making the threat.. The little boy had gone on a trip with his family out of the city and today returned to be arrested.

The police indicated that the student confessed to the act in the presence of his family. His cell phone was confiscated.

No firearms were found in the student’s home, added the police, who did not specify the charges that the minor will face.

This arrest comes less than a month after another student, 18, was arrested and faced attempted murder charges after police said he had “every intention” of carrying out a shooting at a high school. of Ontario, and that he had several firearms and ammunition in his home.

Sebastian Villaseñor, a student at Ontario Christian High School, was taken into custody after a classmate told someone at the school about his concern about Villaseñor being obsessed with school shootings and his access to guns, said Chief Michael Lorenz. of the Ontario Police.

Several weapons, seven rifles, two revolvers, a pistol and a shotgun, were found in the student’s house when he was arrested.. Police also seized more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

Police say that during interviews with Villaseñor, he told them there were at least five specific students he wanted to attack.

The suspect’s motive is unclear. Police said he was not harassed, however, he had difficulty establishing relationships with his peers and had an obsession with the Columbine shooting.

According to data as of March 10, The Gun Violence Archive, which documents acts of violence with firearms in the country, indicates that there have been 73 mass shootings in the United States in 2024, a term that includes a minimum of four people injured or killed, not counting the aggressor.

During the year 2023 in the American country there have been at least 99 attacks among schoolchildren in which firearms have been used. This year, 29 students from American educational centers have lost their lives and 65 people have been injured.

*With information from EFE.

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