Adamari López sweeps off her elegant black dress and draws sighs from her fans |  PHOTO

Adamari López sweeps off her elegant black dress and draws sighs from her fans | PHOTO


Definitely, Adamari Lopez She is one of the most beautiful Latinas on television and this is confirmed by her ex-partners who fell in love with her from the first moment they met her. Furthermore, proof of this are the hundreds of compliments that she receives every time she publishes a photograph on social networks with which she steals sighs from her fans. With his most recent photo left everyone impressed young and beautiful that she looks at 52 years of age.

Since the beginning of his career, Adamari Lopez She has proven to be a talented and multifaceted actress who succeeds in any industry she dedicates herself to, but without a doubt her role as an actress is one of the ones that has borne the most fruit, because thanks to this she has managed to win the hearts of millions. of people, well, his charisma and personality help him connect with them. One of the ways she stays directly connected to all of them is through social media, where you can buy a little more into her life.

It was after she stopped being a host on Hoy Día that she began to be more active on digital platforms, now she can be seen happily enjoying her daily life, her days off and her vacations with her daughter Alaïa. It is there that she feels more confident to open her heart and show herself completely without filters. Each of the posts she publishes receives thousands of interactions and most even go viral because of how beautiful and sexy she looks.


Yesterday, he shared on Instagram a photo in which she wears a fitted black dress with bare shoulders with which she stole more than sighs and her followers could not help but fill the comments section with phrases mentioning what “young and beautiful” that she looks lately. And the change in hair look that the Puerto Rican had for the premiere of her latest project suited her quite well, since it gives light to her face and frames her features and her blue eyes. .


“Lately, I feel like she looks younger,” “I love this woman who lights up the heart of every being,” “how beautiful, what eyes. The hair style and spectacular dress”, “lately she looks prettier and younger”, “pure sensuality and beauty”, “beautiful and sexy. It’s like she doesn’t age” and “beautiful.” She looks a lot further young“, are some comments that are read in the publication of Adamari.

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