Blanca Soto, mother of Fernando Colunga’s son, is accused of being a “very rude” actress – El Diario NY

Blanca Soto, mother of Fernando Colunga’s son, is accused of being a “very rude” actress – El Diario NY

With more than 15 years of experience in the acting field, Blanca Soto She has established herself as one of the most promising Latin actresses in recent years. In addition to the above, her much-discussed relationship, and her recent motherhood, along with Fernando Colungahave placed the actress in the main headlines in recent months, further increasing her prestige.

However, all of the above has not prevented the actress from being called a “difficult” and even rude artist by the actor as well. Martin Barbawho shared credits with the Mexican in “Señora Acero.”

During a recent interview, the Mexican actor revealed how complicated living with the alleged mother of his son’s life was. Fernando Colunga due to the “diva” attitude of the one born in Monterrey.

Thanks to my training, I know that I should not give too much opinion about the work of others, that they must be treated with respect, and well, she was very… a very rude lady, to be honest. She with everyone, in general with the entire production.”

Blanca Soto


Blanca Soto is not saved from criticism

In the same interview, Barba confessed that Blanca Sotor she used to “complicate” a large number of scenes due to the attitude of the actress as well as her way of expressing her displeasure with the rest of her co-stars.

Another day, we were in an action scene, I was driving a car and the whole time she was ‘oh no, no, no, no, I just don’t want you to drive because I don’t know what’ and I was… “I am making the effort because it is easier for the entire production for me to do it.”

Blanca Soto


It is worth remembering that a few years ago, during her presentation as the image of the Animale Instinct fragrance, the actress revealed that she suffered from bullying at school for being “beautiful.” The above generated a strong debate on various social networks, where the “diva” interpreter was criticized and singled out.

Fernando Colunga posing.

Blanca Soto and Fernando Colunga welcomed their first child together

In previous weeks, various international media revealed that Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto They had welcomed their first child together on March 1 at a private hospital in the city of Miami.

Blanca Soto posing.
Blanca Soto has a long career in film and television.
Credit: Mezcalo

Although so far the information has not been confirmed or denied by those involved, the same sources of information indicate that Colunga She participated in the entire birth process by filming the birth as well as cutting her little one’s umbilical cord.

In recent days, various co-workers of the actor, such as Chantal Andereconfessed that the actor did become a father and that he even sent him a congratulatory message, which was not answered by the interpreter.

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