Daniel Bisogno speaks for the first time after his miraculous recovery |  VIDEO

Daniel Bisogno speaks for the first time after his miraculous recovery | VIDEO



It was at the beginning of last month February When the news of a new internment of Daniel Bisogno shocked thousands of fans who were undoubtedly really worried about his health condition, so now, after the miracle of his recovery appears again on the screens Windowing and goes out of his way to praise his boss and friend, Pati Chapoy; this is what she said.

At the beginning of March, it was announced that the controversial presenter of entertainment had been hospitalized again after contracting a severe lung infection, but this time, everyone’s concern exceeded the limits, since it was said that death for the TV Azteca star was close since it not only had to be Underwent surgery, but he was also induced into a coma and in intensive therapy,

But the bad news for Daniel Bisogno They did not wait, since in the middle of their delicate health condition the death of his mother, Mrs. Araceli Bisogno at the end of February, which was undoubtedly one of the hardest blows in the driver’s life and now that he is recovering they have to assimilate, and that just a few days ago‘The doll’, as the presenter is known, left the hospital and was finally able to appear again on Windowing.

It was in the issue From the past Friday March 15 when the leader of the entertainment program surprised everyone by sharing a Audio that he had sent him himself Daniel, Well, in this one he not only thanked and went out of his way to compliment his boss, but he also shared some details of his recovery, and for the peace of mind of his thousands of fans, the actor also sounds louder than ever.

How is Daniel Bisogno’s health?

In front of the spectators Windowing, Pati Chapoy announced that he himself Daniel Bisogno He had sent her an audio in which she expressed gratitude and support for her boss and friend, as she claims that she appeared ‘like an angel’ In the midst of the difficult times that he and his family were going through familyand this is what he said:

“Thank you so much for everything. You know everything I mean. Truly, you appeared in my life like an angel,” the theater actor begins by saying.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to thanking the leader of TV Azteca Espectáculosalso shared some details of what has been his recovery since apparently, after being intubated for so many days lost mobility and it is difficult for him to move, in addition to confirming that there was lost a lot of weight and it was quite slimreasons why he did not want to appear in the frame, but he did want to talk to the audience through this audio.

“I’m recovering here at home, the whole day is therapy, but I’ve recovered quite a bit, pretty well for everything, and here I am. I still can’t move around, because I can’t climb the stairs well yet, I was intubated for many days, so I’m already moving almost to 100, but I still have a little way to go,” he commented.

What is a fact is that from the forum Ventaneando, Pati Chapoy, Linet Puente, Monica Garza and Pedrito Sola They said they felt happy and relieved to hear him again after how bad it was and having struggled between the widow and death, and although they assured that they will continue in continuous communication, Yes, they said that everything will be with the pertinent measures so that it continues to recover favorably.


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