Fernando Colunga is now a dad!  The actor would have had his first baby

Fernando Colunga is now a dad! The actor would have had his first baby


Fernando Colunga He is one of the most beloved actors in the world of television and although his life outside of soap operas is a mystery and he has always remained very private, the news has emerged that has become a father jtogether with the actress Blanca Sotowhich has been a huge surprise for many of her fans, who would never imagine that she would have a baby or that it would become known.

Although rumors had arisen for a few months that they would be waiting for her first childit was until now that it would be confirmed according to the magazine TVyNoteswho this Tuesday gave all the details of the paternity of the melodramatic actor.

“They arrived at the hospital on Thursday afternoon, February 29. They were with other people, apparently their security team. They entered through exclusive access and were attended to by the director. They had reserved one of the most expensive suites. They came with suitcases and baby items,” indicates the source.

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All the details about the birth of Fernando Colunga’s son

The happy couple would have had a lot of care inside the hospital, because they even made them sign a confidentiality letter to employees: “All employees sign a confidentiality letter upon entry. Very important people come to this hospital: politicians, businessmen and artists. There was a problem many years ago with Paulina Rubio because she said that they leaked the name of her son. That’s why so much security.”

Likewise, to try to go unnoticed, the actor even wore a mask so that he would not be recognized inside the hospital: “The lady did not leave the suite. Colunga was the one who suddenly came out of the hospital or into the hallways, but he covered his face with a mask so as not to be recognized. They notified us that everything would be handled with discretion and that we address them as little as possible.”

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It was even revealed that the baby would have been born through Caesarean section last March 1 and it would be a boy. “From a format we learned that the baby was conceived naturally, nothing in vitro. A cesarean section was performed. On Friday, March 1 at noon they became parents to a beautiful baby boy. The surgery lasted about fifty minutes. He was present. He cut the umbilical cord and took photos. They both cried with happiness. He was born healthy. He weighed 2,200 kg and measured 43 centimeters. The lady was observed for a few hours and then was taken to her suite. Colunga went out of his way to show love, attention and was chivalrous with his partner.”


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