“He left us alone when our families received threats”: Pablo Aguilar attacked Jaime Ordiales and called him a “false person”

“He left us alone when our families received threats”: Pablo Aguilar attacked Jaime Ordiales and called him a “false person”

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The attacks continue for Jaime Ordiales, former sports director of Cruz Azuland this time it was Pablo Aguilar, the defender who coincided with him on the sky blue team, who revealed negative aspects of the now director of Mexico’s national teams.

In an interview for Pasión W, the Guarani soccer player, who now plays for Libertad in Paraguay, stated that the memories of his relationship with Ordiales are not pleasantsince it ensures that always he turned his back on them when they needed him and gave as an example the difficult moment they lived when Pumas came back 4-0 in favor and eliminated them in the Liguilla in the Guard1anes 2020 Tournament, in what was one of the most painful defeats of the Celestes in recent years, which, even, caused the players and their families to receive threats from pseudo-fans upset about the situation.

The defender reported that at that time, they had the support of several directors, but not that of Ordiales.

“You always need someone who is there with you, who is really supportive and that was done quite well by Álvaro (Dávila), Ricardo (Peláez) or several former leaders who have played me in other teams and with this one (Ordiales) we did not feel nothing,” he assured the radio program.

One wanted to talk to him about reasons A or B; or something special and finished the conversation, grabbed the phone and left. Precisely because she didn’t want to talk to anyone and that broke after the match against Pumas, which they branded us as sellouts, even the families even received threats and there he practically left us alone”he continued.

The former sky-blue player, who defended the colors of this team in Liga MX from 2018 to 2022 and who was one of the members of the legendary squad that got the long-awaited ninth star described Ordiales as a “false person”.

There it was seen, let’s say, what that person really was, but I don’t want to go into details because there are many more things that I don’t know because, maybe to look good with some people, he practically turned his back on us. I don’t like fake people and as I have that gift of smelling fake people, “he concluded.

It is worth remembering that these criticisms of Jaime Ordiales are added to others that have recently been made by other iconic characters from Cruz Azul, such as goalkeeper José de Jesús Corona, the team’s all-time leading scorer, Carlos Hermosillo, and one of the last leaders of individual scoring that the club had, Emanuel Villa.

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