Jerry Rivera sang Caracas despite acute bronchitis

Jerry Rivera sang Caracas despite acute bronchitis

Jerry Rivera was one of the artists whose return was most anticipated in the year of the reactivation of concerts. But his passage through Venezuela has been bumpy, due to health problems with which he arrived in the country last Tuesday.

Since that day, Rivera he was about to suspend the complementary activities to the tour he carried out in Maturín, Caracas and Maracay due to acute bronchitis, according to what he himself confessed when, amid rumors, he went out to sing at dawn on Saturday, December 3 on the terrace of the Ccct .

Lion Lázaro and Luis Fernando Borjas were in charge of opening the concert. The former, in addition to presenting some of his tribute songs to Marc Anthony such as “Aguanilé”, also offered his most recent singles, “Que levante la mano” and “Sabes que te amo”.

Borjas not only sang songs from his time in Guaco such as “Baja” or “Si mi paredes hablaran”, but also solo songs, “La miraíta” and “A poca luz”.

Almost three hours passed between the end of his show and the beginning of the Puerto Rican. Very warm, with a sweaty forehead and wiping his nose from time to time, Jerry Rivera swaggered on the stage. He didn’t say anything about what was happening to him, until he called Juan Miguel to sing with him.

“I couldn’t get out of bed. I have acute bronchitis, fever and malaise, “she said and what she received as compensation was a loud ovation. She was always under medical supervision.

For an hour and a half, the public, who sold out the box office, helped him chant songs like “Loves like ours”, “Child face”, “Tell me”, “That”, “Child face”, “Nothing without you », «To you my baby», «A true love» and the end with «The opportunity».

Hours later, Rivera received respiratory therapy (including oxygen) in addition to intravenous treatment.

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