Nicole Kidman looks unrecognizable in her new photo shoot

Nicole Kidman looks unrecognizable in her new photo shoot

More than one will have been left speechless when seeing the new photographs of actress Nicole Kidman, who posed for the lens of Perfect magazine. The successful artist occupies the cover of the month of September of the publication.

Muscular, toned and with a lot of definition, the singer also showed herself like never before. “We celebrate Nicole Kidman as the perfect icon”, reviewed the magazine in which the red-haired Australian wears an asymmetrical bob cut with long locks.

The styling of the image was done by Robbie Spencer and the photography by Zhong Lin. They left her as a “goddess”, as they describe her on social networks, where the snapshots received great praise.

At 55 years of age, the protagonist of great films such as “Eyes Wide Shut” and “Moulin Rouge” is, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail, a woman with a “defined body and huge biceps.”

“The actress She also showed off her perfectly chiseled legs in the shoot, posing in a Diesel micro miniskirt that could easily be mistaken for a belt, as well as a skintight halter top from Diesel. brand”, highlighted the English medium.

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