Prince William caught in a bar with another woman amid Kate Middleton’s health crisis

Prince William caught in a bar with another woman amid Kate Middleton’s health crisis



The last few years have been some of the most scandalous for couples’ marriages. princes of walessince the alleged infidelity that for a few years he would have prince william to his wife Kate Middleton who now finds himself in the middle of a chemotherapy treatment after you’ve been diagnosed with cancerbut in the last few hours, it has been revealed that the heir to the throne was seen with another woman, and this is what is known.

It was the same Wale’s princess who shared with the world how this disease has completely changed the lives of her and her children, as she also assured that the best son of Lady Di has been his great support, in addition to the fact that the British media have assured that he was also devastated by the his wife’s illness so he would have cleared his schedule to spend more time with his family.

But, since the appearance of the name of Rose Hambury on the map, much has been questioned about the behavior of the son of King Charles III, who would have cheated on his wife for several years, and it is even rumored that they have a daughter with Marchioness of Cholmondeleybut it was she herself who denied any relationship with the future king of england through his law office, but without a doubt social networks have drawn their own conclusions.

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And now, it is revealed that the father of the princes George, Charlotte and Louis was caught with a woman who is not Kate Middleton in a bar near the property where the Wale’s princess, so the accusations have not been long in coming, and here we reveal the identity of this woman and also the reasons why she was drinking something next to the Prince William.

Is Prince William cheating on Kate Middleton again?

For the peace of mind of the thousands of supporters of the Wale’s princess, he heir to the british throne He was having something with his mother-in-law, Carole Middleton near Anmer Hall, her country house on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, as the woman is very aware of the recovery and the disease with his daughter, but he has also decided to help his son-in-law relax a little after how stressful the last few months have been.

According to reports from Daily Mail, william and his children’s grandmother were seen in a pub near the property so that the heir to the throne could take a few moments away from the problems they are going through at home, as Carole will move with them in the vacation of the minors at school to help in any way they can.

According to some reports from the waiters who are in the place: “It was all very discreet and without much fanfare… he just walked in and walked through the pub. He seemed to be with Carole Middleton,” confirmed the aforementioned media; So far there is no confirmation from the Royal family.


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