Prosecutor’s Office asks to investigate Diego Maradona’s house: What happened at the Maradona Case hearing?  – The opinion

Prosecutor’s Office asks to investigate Diego Maradona’s house: What happened at the Maradona Case hearing? – The opinion

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The Prosecutor’s Office asked this Wednesday to investigate the house where he died the legendary Former player Diego Armando Maradona, within the framework of the case that seeks to clarify his death, whose trial does not yet have a scheduled start date.

This Wednesday a hearing was held in Buenos Aires where the representatives of the eight defendants attended for the alleged crime of simple homicide committed through possible fraud.

“Now the Court has five days to resolve and to set the date,” Mario Baudry, lawyer and partner of Verónica Ojeda, declared to the press. former romantic partner and mother of one of ‘Diego’s’ children.

What did the Prosecutor’s Office ask for in the case of Diego Maradona?

The Prosecutor’s Office requested a visual inspection at the home where Maradona died on November 25, 2020, located in an urbanization, located in the town of Tigre (province of Buenos Aires),

The request was supported by both the defenses and the complaint. In addition, he requested the presence of 200 witnesses, although the complaint wanted to raise it.

“There was agreement between all parties that this number of witnesses can be lowered, and that only the witnesses that have to do with the investigation and the trial linked to the death of the patient remain and other issues are left aside,” he declared.

Now the court must define which of the evidence presented, among which there are more than 100,000 audios, are accepted within the case.

The eight defendants charged with the death of ‘Cosmic Barrel’, all linked to the health care that “El Pelusa” should have received, are:

– Neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque

– The psychiatrist Cosachov

– Psychologist Carlos Díaz

– The doctor who coordinated the home care of the former soccer player, Nancy Forlini

– The nurse coordinator, Mariano Perroni

– Nurse Ricardo Omar Almirón

– Nurse Dahiana Gisela Madrid

– The clinical doctor Pedro Di Spagna

The lawyer defending Madrid, Rodolfo Barqué, declared who want the trial to be oral and public with a popular jury and that his client is not benefiting from this notorious case.

“We want the trial for Maradona’s death to be an oral and public trial. Let us remember that my client has not given a single note or interview because she says that a patient died,” said Barqué.

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