Social network X denies Ryan García’s alleged prediction about the tragedy in Baltimore – La Opinion

Social network X denies Ryan García’s alleged prediction about the tragedy in Baltimore – La Opinion

After the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore (Maryland) due to the collision of a ship and the alleged death of six people, an alleged prediction by Ryan García went viral on the internet, where it mentioned that “something bad” would happen in that city on March 26, but the tweet was denied by the social network X.

In the publication cited by García himself, X assures that the tweet was digitally altered, but the Californian implied that he could have written it even though he doesn’t remember it. Let us remember that after his press conference in Los Angeles many of his tweets not related to his profession were deleted from his social network.

“Ryan Garcia did not predict the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, MD. The video contains a digitally altered tweet. You can tell by the blur near the blue check mark and Ryan’s username. The tweet also does not contain a timestamp,” the social network indicated.

“As people know during that time when I was tweeting and writing a lot of things. My tweets were constantly deleted and I showed proof. I will say that it is not I who knows but God, the Holy Spirit speaking through me. There are times I forget what I say, like I said: I pray for the people affected by this tragedy in Baltimore. Half of my tweets were deleted and not because of me. “To God receive the Glory, not to me,” King Ry wrote when quoting the tweet.

Since the press conference in New York, Ryan García’s behavior has been erratic. Days after the event, King Ry He admitted that he was high on a live broadcast on X and that he smoked marijuana and drank like anyone else, which generated a great stir on their social networks.

At first it was thought to be a publicity tactic to promote the fight with Devin Haneybut his fans, sports experts and ex-wife Drea Celin have shown concern for the mental health of the Californian, who admitted that 99% of the things he does or says are trolling.

It should be noted that, according to King Ry himself, The New York Commission wants to subject him to a mental evaluation for his erratic behavior and alarming posts on his social media to let him fight for the World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight title on April 20. The Californian did not take this very well because he says it violates his right to freedom of expression and He threatened to sue them.

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Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney’s fight may not happen on April 20 due to King Ry’s problems. Photo Courtesy: Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy Promotions.

Due to the recent controversies of the Californian fighterhis fight with Devin Haney is hanging by a thread and many believe that he will not enter the ring on April 20.

Ryan Garcia, 24, moved up to 140 pounds after his first loss in the sport against Gervonta Davis in 2023 and He made his successful debut in the new category after knocking out Óscar Duarte to try to be crowned world champion. The Mexican-American boxer has a record of 24 wins (20 by knockout) and one setback in his professional career.

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