Tecatito Corona: recovery times are maintained, but El Tri will wait until the last moment

Tecatito Corona: recovery times are maintained, but El Tri will wait until the last moment

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It has been about a month since Jesús Tecatito Corona underwent surgery for his fractured fibula and torn ligaments in his left ankle. The rehabilitation of the Mexican soccer player is going wellbut recovery times remain at 4 or 5 months as reported from the beginning, so his arrival at the Qatar 2022 World Cup is impossible.

Tecatito Corona is in the rehabilitation stage after the operation with the physiotherapists, but it is unknown When will he be able to touch the ball again, according to what a Sevilla FC source told ESPN.

Tecatito Corona’s injury occurred just one day before the second date of La Liga with Sevilla when he suffered torn ligaments in his left ankle during the team’s last training session in which he had to be removed from the emergency room on a stretcher and then in a ambulance. The injury was only expected to be for one game, but then the worst was confirmed.

“In the gym he works a lot too, so as not to lose his physical shape; at least to start having a base in that aspect”, said the source.

“For now he is with the typical: the treatment, which is important, in what is the ankle with the physiotherapists. Not losing the strength of the area and everything, that these are the first steps to later start working on the field, but we still don’t know when that will be and when he will be able to touch the ball”.

In the Mexican team, led by Gerardo Tata Martino, they trust that they can wait for Tecatito Corona until the last moment when there are just over two months left for the start of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

It is unknown if Corona will be able to make up the squad that travels to Qatar to play Group C of the World Cup along with Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Poland. Much less if he will be able to start after recovering from an injury as delicate as the torn ligaments in his ankle.

It is known that Tata Martino visited Jesús Corona during his recent trips to Europe to find out how the player felt and how the recovery was progressing, since Tecatito is one of the outstanding figures of the attack in the Mexican team.

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