The problems of the Rivera Dynasty continue;  Chiquis sues his uncle Juan about him and he answers her

The problems of the Rivera Dynasty continue; Chiquis sues his uncle Juan about him and he answers her



The things inside the house family of the deceased Jenni Rivera They continue to get worse 12 years after the singer’s death, since her eldest daughter, Chiquis has decided to go coupon everything against him Uncle Juan, whom demand by a millionaire amount and he answers with the same signature, because he has even called her ‘ridiculous’Well, below we will tell you what is known.

Just a couple of years ago, the children of the Band Diva They finally decided to claim what rightfully belongs to them, because they decided break all ties with his uncles and take possession of the name, company and royalties of your mother But along the way they learned of mismanagement on the part of their grandfather. Pedro Rivera and its children, John and Rosie, and without any penalty they are now taken to court.

And now it is the firstborn of the the Great lady the one who has decided to sue her Uncle Juanwho a couple of weeks ago revealed that the deceased interprets who lost his life at 43 years old would have shared with him the fear he had that his firstborn would make an attempt on his life and ‘disappeared from the map’so the singer also decided to take legal action against her uncle.

Chiquis filed a lawsuit in the Miami city and demands as compensation no less than one million dollars, because she asks the court to sentence Juan Rivera for general and special damages suffered due to the defamatory statements of this, since everything arose as a result of the Copyright that he businessman demand on the topic “Queen bee”.

Juan Rivera responds to his niece

In the middle of this legal demand against him and decided to break his silence after being sued by his niece Chiquis and reveals what his sister would think Jenni Rivera of this war that has been waged for several years, because in a recent interview with Wake up Americathe Mexican singer, producer and businessman gave his first statements regarding this problem.

“How shameful, how unfortunate that we are here again… It’s crazy… I’m calm… I’m very ashamed. Did I expect it? Not at all… This hits me like a bucket of cold water,” said his brother. Jenni Rivera.

Until nowChiquis has not given statements in this regard, since he himself Juan revealed that everything he had done for her since she was a teenager was already forgotten by his niece, but he remains with the awareness very peacefulbecause he assures that he has never tried to do anything bad against his family, and hopes that the truth comes to light.


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