Victoria Ruffo reacted to the LAWSUIT between Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo: was it her fault?

Victoria Ruffo reacted to the LAWSUIT between Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo: was it her fault?


Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio Derbez They continue to be one of the most controversial ex-couples on the show. And although it is difficult for them to put aside their marked differences, they have never been able to separate themselves from each other for one simple reason: José Eduardo, the son they had together in 1992. Furthermore, now that José Eduardo will debut as a father, Victoria and Eugenio will coincide in multiple events that involve their granddaughter, something that, according to the ‘El Lonje Moco’ interpreter himself, his current wife was not very happy about. Alessandra Rosaldo.

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What did Alessandra Rosaldo say about Victoria Ruffo?

In a recent confrontation with multiple media outlets, Eugenio Derbez He was questioned about his future granddaughter, who will be the first-born of José Eduardo Derbez. When the reporters emphasized that he would now have a “forced coexistence” with Victoria Ruffothe comedian stopped short any matter related to the “Queen of Soap Operas,” but not before ensuring that everything was out of respect for Alessandra Rosaldo. This he said: I don’t want to talk about that topic anymore. Alessandra already scolded me and rightly so. She told me: ‘Stop talking about your past.’ I promised him. “It’s not going to cost me my marriage.”

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What did Victoria Ruffo respond to Alessandra Rosaldo’s alleged jealousy?

A few days later, Victoria Ruffo was questioned by a group of reporters from the program ‘The Sun Comes Out‘, who did not waste time, and asked him what he thought about the alleged jealousy that Alessandra had towards him, and that, in fact, had already been exposed by Derbez. In this regard, Ruffo was very clear: I don’t think (they exist), she is a very intelligent woman. I don’t believe it. I consider Alessandra a very intelligent, very hard-working and very confident woman. I don’t think so.

For Victoria Ruffo It is essential to maintain cordiality; and therefore, he has nothing but positive words for Alessandra Rosaldo. Of course, with Eugenio Derbez It is another story, because although he now recognizes him as an ingenious, hard-working man, and a good friend to his children, he assured that “he fell far short of being a good father.” Of course, above all, she is willing to share with him the joy of being grandparents: Obviously we are the grandparents, we have to be at the baptism, we have to be at the first communion, on their birthdays. It is important that we have a good relationship for the baby…

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What were the problems between Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio Derbez?

During years, Victoria Ruffo claimed that he was the victim of a “fake wedding” planned by Eugenio Derbez. He, for his part, assured that everything was a misunderstanding. However, since their separation in 1997, both have had numerous confrontations to tell their respective stories. In fact, when José Eduardo was a minor, Ruffo-Derbez conflicts were daily in the magazines: Victoria claiming that Eugenio was not a present father, and Eugenio stating that it was the actress who did not let him see her son.

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