What are the plants that survive high temperatures this spring?

What are the plants that survive high temperatures this spring?

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The spring is getting closer and without a doubt, the heat is already being felt in many places in these last days of winter, so it is a good time to prepare if you are a lover of floorssince in this season they tend to dry out or wilt more easily, due to direct natural light or lack of water, so we must give it the appropriate amounts.

And the climate is no longer the same as before, which differed between each time of the year, so we must be more alert, since we must be more careful in terms of the quantities we give of water, as well as the Sun exposure and to the shade, as well as to humidity.

That is why we will give you a series of recommendations on what plants you can have during this time that will arrive in a few days, since they are those that survive the high temperatures or even droughts, so they do not need to be watered every day.


Plants that can withstand drought

aloe vera

Another of the most beloved plants is the aloe veramainly for everything it offers according to Feng Shui, as well as for its cosmetic properties and it does not require constant watering, so it can survive long periods and will also help us purify environments and attract prosperity and peace.


Without a doubt, one of the favorite plants of gardening lovers are the succulents of which we can find a great variety in colors, shapes and sizes, but above all because they reflect a lot of elegance and the best of all is that the water irrigation they require has to be done between every four to five days, so it is perfect for spring and summer.


This plant called Oleander It stands out for being native to the Mediterranean and because it is also embellished by white or red flowers, which can give a lot of life to the home and requires little care, thanks to the fact that it does not require as much water and the best thing is that it can withstand up to 40 degrees of temperature. and even prolonged drought, just consider placing them in a strategic place since it is poisonous to animals.


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