This is what Sabrina Sabrok looked like before ALL the surgeries she has had |  PHOTOS

This is what Sabrina Sabrok looked like before ALL the surgeries she has had | PHOTOS


Since many years, Sabrina Sabrok It has been synonymous with sensuality due to its unique physical attractiveness that has captured all the attention of the Mexican and Latin public; However, he did not always look like that, because when he was a minor he was totally different. On some occasions it has been she herself who has shared on her social networks photos before and after all Cosmetic surgeries to which he has been subjected throughout his life.

Sabrina Sabrok is an Argentine celebrity who has had a long career on Mexican television, however, her multifaceted personality has led her to not pigeonhole herself only in the art of acting, but also in music, modeling and content on social networks and more recently for digital platforms with explicit content, where she also triumphs alongside colleagues such as Karely Ruíz, Celia Lora and Yanet García.

Since before he arrived in Mexico, and to date, his physique has been changing positively thanks to the dozens of cosmetic surgeries he has undergone and at the end of 2022 alone he had already recorded the number of 54 procedures between which include multiple breast and buttock augmentations, injection of botulinum toxin (Botox), tension threads to rejuvenate the face, liposuction, among others. The 53-year-old model has confessed that all this has brought her serious health problems and back pain, since she has weighed 8 kilos.


What happened to Sabrina Sabrok? This is what it looks like in 2024

Although she is now far from controversy, the life of Sabrina Sabrok remains of public interest. Currently, she lives in the United States, where she has continued her life and professional career in music and adult content. In addition, she is already married and on February 14 she celebrated 9 years with her husband, who is also a musician and producer. On social networks they are seen happily enjoying her marriage.


In 2024 she still looks as exuberant as everyone remembers her, because she has not removed her breast implants, despite the doctors’ insistence that she do so for her own good, since she assures that by doing so she would not remain the same. and she fears losing confidence in herself, losing her followers and fame that it has cost her a lot of effort to achieve.

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