What do the consular authorities take into account to approve or reject your American VISA?

What do the consular authorities take into account to approve or reject your American VISA?

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The American visa It is the most requested document at the Embassy and consulates of USA: Every year, thousands of people make an appointment to obtain said document and be able to enter the American Union legally. However the Procedure It is not easy, especially if you consider that the consular authorities carry out a thorough inspection of your life to determine if they approve or reject your application. What do they take into account? We tell you.

If you are about to start your Procedure of the American visa or you want to do it soon, but you still have many doubts because you don’t know what you should present during the process, the most important thing is that all the information you share is true, that is, that you do not provide false information or lie, because otherwise, It rejects your request and you will hardly be able to obtain the document.

Once you do this, consider that the government of USA Conduct a detailed and thorough investigation of your personal and professional life. Be careful, this does not mean that they are going to check your electronic devices (such as your cell phone or computer) or social networks (Facebook, Instagram or the American Union and return.

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The most important thing for the consular authorities is to ensure that the applicant has no intention of staying in USA and that, on the contrary, their travel intentions are those they report, whether for work, tourism, business or studies. Below we share everything that the United States takes into account and what it evaluates to approve or reject your Procedure. Take note!

What do the US authorities take into account to approve or reject the American VISA?

The consular authorities of USA Several factors are taken into account when evaluating a request for American visawhether it is a tourist, student, work or other type of visa. These factors may vary depending on the type of document requested, but generally include the following:

Purpose of the trip

One of the most important factors is the reason why you want to visit USA. You must be able to demonstrate that your trip is legitimate and that you have a clear and well-founded plan for your stay in the country. For example, if you apply for a tourist visa, you must be able to demonstrate that you intend to return to your home country.

Links with your country of origin

Consular authorities want to make sure that you have strong ties to your home country that motivate you to return after your visit to the American Union. This may include family relationships, property, stable employment, ongoing studies or other commitments.

Financial capability

It is important that you demonstrate that you have the necessary financial resources to cover the expenses of your trip, including plane tickets, accommodation, food and other expenses related to your stay within US territory, for the time you decide to be there.

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Criminal record

Consular authorities will verify if you have a criminal record that may represent a risk to public safety in USA. If this is the case, they will most likely reject your Procedure of the American visa. If not, it is a fact that you advance in the process to obtain said document.

Complete and accurate documentation

It is essential to provide all required documentation completely and accurately. This includes application forms, photographs, valid passport, proof of sufficient funds, travel itinerary and any other paperwork relevant to your application. American visa. Pay special attention to ensuring that your Form DS-160 has the correct answers and that they are the same as what you say in the interview with the consul.

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As you will see, the consular authorities of USA They evaluate several factors when deciding whether to approve or reject a request for American visa. It is important to meet all requirements and provide all requested information completely and accurately to increase your chances of obtaining the desired visa. Remember that it is a Procedure Complex, but not impossible to do.

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