What happens if your American VISA is denied 3 times?

What happens if your American VISA is denied 3 times?


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Being able to go to USA It is one of the goals of millions of people who search in the North American country an opportunity to travel due to different circumstances, but one of the requirements fundamental is the Procedure of the American visabut many people have faced that they have been Rejected at least three times or even moreand then we will tell you what happens with your status and if there is a request limit.

It is important to mention that this document It is vitally important to be able to access the North American nation, Well, with her, the American authorities They have greater control not only of the people who enter their territory but in addition to the time you stay in it, and that is why the requests of the American visa have tripled, because in addition to being one of the consequences left by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is a fact is that the process has proven on more than one occasion to be one of the most problematic and even time-consuming, not to mention that it is also somewhat intimidating for the applicants, especially for the interview what do you do with them consular officers, since this step is the one that completely defines whether the request is rejected or approved so that you can access the American union.

However, many users have expressed concern in the event that their Procedure has been rejected on more than one occasion, at least three times, and without a doubt this causes them concern about the number they have as a limit, so below we are going to tell you what is happening and if you are no longer going to be able to get this document to enter the USA.

Is there an application limit for the American Visa?

According to the information found directly in the portal of the United States Embassy, at least 41.9% of the requests They refuse throughout the year, but be careful, since these rejections are for some reason, same that are informed to the applicant so that he can have a period up to six months to reapply under the same process.

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And according to the American authoritiesthere is no limit to the number of times you can apply for an American visa even if it is rejected three or more times because even though you have a large number of rejection requestsyour status continues to be kept clean and nothing happens with any type of specific sanction, but consular officials recommend verifying the process carefully so that it can be resumed successfully.


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