What’s wrong with Kate del Castillo?  She is experiencing something terrible – El Diario NY

What’s wrong with Kate del Castillo? She is experiencing something terrible – El Diario NY

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Kate del Castillo shares what made her accept the role of “Ramona” in the series “The Cleaning Lady” (FOX). The Mexican actress also shares what would have to happen for there to be a fourth season of “La Reina del Sur”, and how she experiences something terrible in her personal life.

You are very selective with the projects you do, why did you agree to participate in “The Cleaning Lady”?
I was a fan of the show before they called me, because I was very happy to see that the “cleaning lady” was not Mexican or Latina, so that caught my attention, really.

“And the diversity of people it has, and a series that is managed by women, right? So that’s what I loved.”

The Mexican actress confesses that off camera she is suffering from vertigo. “I had a very strong episode of vertigo. It lasted about eight weeks, in fact it still hasn’t gone away completely. It is a very lonely condition, you get into your world and feel that no one understands what you are going through.”

And what were you going through, what caused it?
You feel like everything is moving, everything around you is constantly moving, so it is dangerous on the one hand and on the other hand it makes you very afraid because you can fall at any moment.

“I had to walk holding onto things, as if I were blind; When it was the worst I couldn’t even get out of my bed because I kept falling… No! “Terrible, terrible!”

Are you already cured?
Well there it goes, there it goes. The vertigo is gone, what remains is the “tinnitus”, which is the ringing in the ears, which is terrible.

Hey, and will there be a fourth season of “La Reina del Sur”?
Well, let’s see, we are having talks to see if it is possible or if it is possible or not to do a fourth season of “La Reina del Sur.” There are possibilities, but it is not known yet.

What conditions do you set to do it?
Well, look, I wouldn’t want to make a Queen of the South that’s just as long, with so many chapters, it’s too much, it’s also a lot of money that’s put in there and it’s too long. I am, honestly, thank God very busy and I have many projects so I can’t spend so much time doing “The Queen…”, right?

“Although it is a character that I love and that I adore and that I have a lot of fun with, but it would have to be something much shorter and in another format.”

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