Who is Jack Sweeney?  The university student who stalks the flights of famous people

Who is Jack Sweeney? The university student who stalks the flights of famous people

Taylor Swift has threatened to undertake legal actions against the university Jack Sweeneywho has tracked his private jet travel through Internet as he has done with other public figures such as the billionaire Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gatesreported US media.

The lawyers of the singer, who last Sunday made history by winning her fourth Grammy Award for best album of the yearsent a “cease and desist” letter to Sweeney as a first step in stopping him before pursuing a lawsuit alleging harassment and threats to public safety, according to the letter.

Who is Jack Sweeney?

Sweeney who learned to track airplanes Thanks to his father, an airline operations controller, he uses, among other data, public information from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA, in English) and even It performs calculations of the carbon emissions of each flight it tracks.

Musk, owner of the X platform, had already sanctioned the college student from Florida that manages social media accounts that track flights, canceling one of its accounts on that network in 2022: @ElonJet.

A letter from last December from the lawyers of Swift charges the student with charges related to “stalking and harassment behaviorsincluding consistently posting accurate, real-time information about our client’s location and future whereabouts to the public on social media.”

According to CNN, the lawyers’ letter refers to a report from that channel about Musk offering the University of Central Florida student 5 thousand dollars to delete the Twitter account tracking your plane.

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The young programmer, who is in his twenties, rejected this offer at the time and asked 50 thousand dollarssaying that I could use the money to pay for college or maybe buy a Tesla.

The student told CNN that he never intended any harm with his actions, noting that he is collecting “public information“.

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