Why did Cristiano Ronaldo fail in his last stage at Manchester United?  Club legend explained it – La Opinion

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo fail in his last stage at Manchester United? Club legend explained it – La Opinion

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Cristiano Ronaldo will always be remembered for having been a player who marked an era and being one of the most relevant figures who wore the colors of the so-called ‘Red Devils’ of Manchester United since his arrival at the English club in mid-2003. With the red team he was able to win an FA Cup, two League Cups, two Community Shields, three Premier titles League, a Champions League and a Club World Cup.

Ronaldo simply won everything and subsequently went to seek much more success and recognition at Real Madrid.where he is also considered a legend and later joined the ranks of Juventus Turin in Serie A.

After three seasons in Italy, the Portuguese striker decided to return home to Old Trafford, but the second half is never as good. than the first and in a time where the results were not as expected and there were more accusations and criticisms towards the player and an internal war with the technical director Ten Hag, the winner of 5 Ballon d’Ors decided to head to All Nassr of the Saudi Pro League where he currently lives.

What happened during Ronaldo’s second stay in Manchester?

In a recent interview conducted by his former teammate Gary Neville, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer another ManU legendanalyzed CR7’s second cycle at Manchester United.

“For me, it didn’t work and neither did it for Cristiano, but it was the right decision at that moment,” he began his analysis of the situation. “With the ball, with him in the team, it was no problem. Without him, we had to change the different roles we had become accustomed to in the pressure. We were one of the teams that put the most pressure before Cristiano arrived. At the time, we let Daniel James go when Cristiano came in and they are two different types of players. I thought it was the right decision for me, but it didn’t turn out to be the right one,” he argued.

Behind the scenes is something very important in Ronaldo’s development in his second stage at the Red Devils. “We didn’t think that Cristiano was available and that he was going to move. When it was evident that he would leave Juventus, obviously there were other clubs that wanted him, but I was excited. ‘Do you want us to try this?’ they asked me. I said yes, obviously we know that Cristiano has quality and is 37 years old, but we have to manage it, he is the best scorer in the world,” he confessed.

On the other hand, Solskjaer was quite honest in acknowledging that being able to handle CR7’s load and number of playing minutes was somewhat complicated: “Cristiano, when you meet him and talk to him, he wanted to play three out of four games; but he realized that he too is getting older. But when you leave him on the bench once, he’s not happy. Part of signing Cristiano Ronaldo was getting that passion out of him, but that had complications. You have Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, who can learn from Cristiano because he is the best, the most disciplined and has been the best player in the world and you think he will help them. When he arrived at the club, he told me to start him for three games in a row and then leave him on the bench in the fourth game, but he is so passionate that when I did it he didn’t like it.”

Furthermore, Solskjaer confessed that the return of the Portuguese was not positive for the Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani.current Boca Juniors player in Argentina: “Cavani was the one who suffered the most when Cristiano arrived, he had already understood a certain way of playing.”

Hallway comments and leaks were part of the fracture

In addition to this, the former ManU player confessed that the leaks from the locker room and hallway comments began to fracture Cristiano’s relationship with the club’s leadership. “I felt like we had a very good relationship with the players, but there are always one or two on the team who leak things because they are not happy.”. As a coach you have games on Saturday, Wednesday and Saturday. You tell 14 that they don’t play in every game and the next morning you have to convince them that there is another opportunity. There are only so many times you can say, “I’m going to give you this match, you have a chance.” In the end things get ugly. We had too large a staff. “If you have too many players, many are dissatisfied,” commented the current coach.

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