Adrián Uribe returns with “De Noche, pero Sin Sueño” with Wendy Guevara and Thalía?  – The NY Journal

Adrián Uribe returns with “De Noche, pero Sin Sueño” with Wendy Guevara and Thalía? – The NY Journal

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Adrián Uribe presents the fourth season of his show “De Noche, pero Sin Sueño”, where he says that he has already invited Wendy Guevara to be one of his guests, he also indicates that he already spoke with her about the joke he made to the comedian stating that he was going to sue him because thanks to his character of the gay waiter “Carmelo”, the winner of “The House of the Famous Mexico” had been a victim of bullying at school.

“I talked to her, in fact the thing about the show came up that she said that I (caused the bullying); She obviously said it as a joke, but she did tell me ‘yes they bothered me about ‘Carmelo’. I told him, forgive me! and she replied ‘oh no, of course nothing happens!’, but they did bother her and apart from her, her name is Carmelo, I didn’t know that (her) name was Carmelo.”

The interpreter of “El Vítor” He assures that he has also spoken with Thalía to join the guest list of his programwhich will begin broadcasting in Mexico starting Friday, April 5 and airs on Sundays in the United States.

I wrote to Thalía, I sent her on Instagram because I realized that she followed me and I was like ‘Thalía follows me!’ and I follow her too, so I sent her a message and she replied ‘of course! I would love to.’ The Mexican clarifies that his house was not seized as a result of the lawsuit filed against him by his musicians, who claim to have received unjustified dismissal.

“Yes, there was a precautionary seizure, let’s say a request for seizure and fortunately with my lawyers it did not proceed. This isn’t over yet, we’ve been doing this for 6 years, but fortunately I think we’re going to get away with it.

“They weren’t my employees, they were my musicians. They were paid by fees, they were not on a payroll, they were not my employees, I was not their boss, I was not their employer, there was no ’employer-worker’ relationship.; But I have always tried to learn from my mistakes. My mistake at some point was having hired a lawyer who did not do his job, I trusted myself, and obviously things became more complicated than necessary.

Although Adrián shares that he is really enjoying his 5-month-old little Matteo, he points out that he does not want to have more children with his Russian wife Thuany Martins and is willing to undergo a vasectomy.

“For me, let’s say that that factory was closed, it is going to close at some point, yes I have thought about it, of course I would like to close it, I also already have three beautiful children. The last one (Matteo), who is 5 months old, drives me (crazy), because apart from that he is pure smile, at two or three in the morning he always wakes up and smiles, imagine the adrenaline he is injecting into me!”

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