Are they coming back?  Mariela Sánchez confesses if she will forgive Cristian Castro after the alleged infidelity

Are they coming back? Mariela Sánchez confesses if she will forgive Cristian Castro after the alleged infidelity


Cristian castro He is part of one of the most famous dynasties in Mexico, which makes each of his steps noticed by everyone and immediately grabs all the headlines. In this instance, his recent breakup with Mariela Sanchez continues to give a lot to talk about, not only because of how sudden it was, but also because of the alleged evidence that confirms the infidelity on the part of the singer, which would lead the businesswoman to leave permanently.

Mariela Sanchez and Cristian castro They boasted of having a well-established love relationship, to the point that they had wedding plans where it was possible that they might even want to start a family together. On social media they looked so happy enjoying their many trips and their life that had started in Argentina, where the 42-year-old businesswoman is from; However, all that faded at the end of last month when a trans woman claimed to have had sexual encounters with Verónica Castro’s son.

In mid-February, when “El Gallito Feliz” and his girlfriend traveled to Mexico to visit Verónica Castro, that was when he finally met his future daughter-in-law and wife of his first-born. They showed on social networks how happy they were during their trip, however, all that euphoria would end once the rumors of a possible infidelitywhich would later be confirmed with the audios leaked a couple of days ago. Given this, the Argentine businesswoman would return to her country immediately.


Are Mariela Sánchez and Cristian Castro resuming their relationship?

During her relationship with the Mexican singer, Mariela Sanchez It gained greater notoriety, so it could not avoid being questioned by the media. She was asked the real reason why she would have separated from Cristian Castro, to which she responded that it was due to the artist’s jealousy and the toxicity that she could no longer tolerate. With this she denies that it was for a infidelity.


On the other hand, regarding the possibility that they will resume their relationship, he explained that their separation was final, since there is no chance of it happening. She confessed that since her departure from Mexico, the interpreter of Por amarte Así and Lloviendo estrellas has not sought her out to resolve her indifference and that she does not expect him to do so in the future.

“There is no possibility of returning and he is not going to come look for me,” he said during an interview.

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